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  1. hey baron how is retirement?


  2. awesome gif



    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Cerridwyn


      guns run out of ammo, a knife's a knife :)


      no dying

    3. katashimon13


      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



    4. Cerridwyn
  3. is there a wave with riku beckoning u towards him? rawr
  4. i have to find a nationsitter D: and change my login info for more than one thing.... Y_Y rawr
  5. whos gunna post my resignation D: and change my aa in game D: rawr
  6. looks fine in game :\.... i dont know why i dont like it in this blog entry D: rawr
  7. D: it just looks... a tiny bit dated maybe its just the dark color with lack of shadow behind? but if i was a random internet person who hadnt heard of cn b4... id order them 1st 3rd 2nd if i was asked wich is oldest >_< or its just me :\ ill go look at it on the game page...annnnd its not there also are u gunna change the favicon to match too? rawr
  8. wat trick and :/ why dusnt it kum with a longer cable rawr
  9. i was gunna endorse ria but sra wins now u can kum play with kata if u wants though :3 rawr
  10. tldr: wally says rot in hell to sumthing probably deserves worse rawr
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