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  1. hey baron how is retirement?


  2. nato is terrible xP <3 rawr
  3. erm... u are all welcome to attempt to poach me personally... the rest of them no xP im sincerely interested in how u all go about it >_< yes... both of them D: ditto :3 rawr
  4. i blame u xP shhh we dont talk about that qft working on it D: literally dozens of us :colbert2: :| rawr
  5. i was reffering to the mentor spot xP but sure im still in r&r D: rawr
  6. u still can :3 been busy playing bgo xP rawr
  7. had fun out doing you bob... time to make use of my magic gopher grabbers elsewhere lolwut? nha :colbert2: i noticed the change </3 y u do dis to us xP anyone wanna guess wat that is? rawr
  8. fite me irl? i am busy targeting other pplz :| rawr
  9. awesome gif



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    2. Cerridwyn


      guns run out of ammo, a knife's a knife :)


      no dying

    3. katashimon13


      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



    4. Cerridwyn
  10. :| go back to rl why u back D: save ur self also green tea 4 lyfe etc rawr
  11. :| time to ruin my 1313 post count rawr
  12. why are u still heer vowley T_T save ur self D: rawr
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