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  1. Where will your 5000 post be?

  2. The new picture is.........awesome.

  3. I want to strangle him.

  4. That Iscariot guy is...interesting...

  5. cooool, congrats, remember to always use protection.
  6. Good luck on your chemo! I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! What kind of cancer is it?

  7. Before you go any farther, before you post anymore, before you waste one more moment or breath on fools:

    Read 2 books. "The Creature from Jekyll Island" By Giffen and "The Dragon and the Bear" by Philup Short

  8. Woooooo! I'm glad I still have a few infra left to celebrate! :R&R:
  9. Congratulations to everyone who called our alliance by its proper name.. R&R. Everyone else who said RnR.. Well.. we forgive you. for now Also congrats on peace and all that good stuff.
  10. [quote name='Viking' timestamp='1296062153' post='2602855'] facepalms all around [/quote]
  11. [quote name='Gofastleft' timestamp='1296014352' post='2601768'] I stopped reading this mindless drivel when I got to this blatant lie My only guess is that Juslen has taken this strange fascination with me to an all new level. Congrats R&R [/quote] Hey now, just because I have a fascination with the origin of man and want you to put your first edition signed copy of the Bible on ebay doesn't mean that its in ANY way strange. Pshhh o/ GFL
  12. [quote name='blanding' timestamp='1296013998' post='2601748'] we let simms announce this? time to find out who was smoking what to think that was a good idea >_> and the required o/ R&R also required, it's R&R not RnR [/quote] Yeah.. Simms even used the same damn avatar that he has in R&R forums. Not only that, but this announcement is lacking horse. And on top of that.. Its R&R NOT RnR! o/ R&R lol [img]http://i.imgur.com/n8onW.jpg[/img] Totally unrelated but I thought I would show everyone a picture of Simms that was taken in South Korea..as R&R's MoFA, he obviously gets around to the most unlikely of places!
  13. o/ VG Sex of State Justice! I mean, congrats CMEA!
  14. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1294132284' post='2562941'] [color="#0000ff"]Why would I want to support UINE when I hate them more than I hate your pathetic little alliance? That said, fairness to the rest of UINE has nothing to do with it and you know it. Alliances have been rolled by your friends for lesser offenses committed by just a few idiot members, and you did support them. What this is about is you don't want to step on Polar's toes, considering UINE is one of its lapdogs. It is cowardice on your part. You wouldn't mind rolling UINE, and you've got your excuse, but you don't want to break up your precious treaty web/security blanket. You can give all the self righteous explanations you want, if it what makes you feel good, but you're fooling nobody.[/color] [/quote] This is the part I love.. someone who doesn't know a damn thing about R&R who has us all figured out. I have been in R&R my entire CN career.. so over 4 years now. R&R doesn't "roll" alliances.. we have always been the alliance that supports our allies for better or worse. No doubt R&R isn't immune to politics or diplomatic strategy but to claim that the alliance is somehow pathetic and little because we decided to support our friends in AiD? You can talk as much trash as you want, from my experience its what you seem to do best. But I will assure you that the rest of NSO has my respect despite you being a member.
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