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  1. If you "oppose all forms of harrassment", then you must censure Hime Themis (Order of the Black Rose) as well. His level of harrassment surpasses mine by several leagues. Unless you are left biased of course.
  2. What a bunch of juvenile crap. Only a brainwashed idiot would kneel on the ground, stick his ass in the air, and scrape his forehead in the dirt! Only a cruel, sadistic "god" would enjoy demanding a man demean himself in such a blatantly homosexual gesture. Muslims are worshipping a deviant, self-defeating monster and are too stupid to realize it.
  3. LOL! And you edited your rant? Tell me, and all of us, what exactly makes a Nazi again? You aren't welcome here. Nor is anyone else who doesn't understand the simple concept of how to think above what to think. Click. Another brainwashed liberal added to my list.
  4. Alot of long words there, purist. Could you cite, or at least clarify what you mean by "extraneous diatribes"? Try your hardest not to deflect (if that's possible).
  5. You brought up racism. Just like you have been programmed to do. Most of you are not aware of my struggle with the brainwashed marxist saboteurs who are stifling FREEDOM OF SPEECH, liberty, and denigrating the white race for an unwarranted demand of "white guilt".You, and probably most others here, have not witnessed the hate levelled against me.(see: The Boiler room for examples) Why is it that Hispanics, negros, and EVERYONE ELSE can defend their race EXCEPT whites?I have a method for dealing with this hypocrisy. I am employing this method and will continue to defend myself and the white race despite "insurmountable" odds.Don't cave in to "Cancel Culture".
  6. I'll leave CyberNations when they change their name to MarxistNations. Yet another brainwashed liberal. Defending the Dumb Hymen Thermos of all people. I still haven't been told what SPECIFIC grievances I caused to CCC. Perhaps the "pure" and gentle LLW would inform me?
  7. Jerkdg is a brainwashed Liberal like 95% of the worthless trolls on this forum. Note Jerkdg didn't chastise you for posting "out of character". He, like the Dumb Hymen Thermos, follow me around, post to post, spouting hate, mocking and ridiculing, and no one says a damned thing. Have ANY of you preprogrammed chimps seen the things "Dame" Hime Themis has called me? "Community standards" apparently only apply against me.
  8. Get a clue for Christmas, Jerdge. What, are you a moderator as well? There was nothing "out of character" in my statement.
  9. Thank you sir, KoRT does not rely on luck, however. We employ logic, experience, and intuition to maintain our existence. This has been demonstrably proven in our recent war against COBRA.
  10. The author of this proclamation is lilweirdward, a frequent participant in The Boiler Room. lilweirdward has an adversion for TRUTH speaking individuals. (such as myself) For lilweirdward, the truth is "hate" to those who hate the truth. As you may expect, KoRT leadership will address this fallacy in their own manner, at a time of their choosing.
  11. You're a !@#$%^, aren't you?


    We know what you're doing.

    We're watching you.

    We want it to stop.

  12. We know what you're doing.

    We're watching you.

    We want it to stop.

    1. Hime Themis

      Hime Themis



       You are a moron. You are absolutely clueless about what I am doing. 

      You could not understand what I was doing if you were bright enough to see what I was doing.

      AS for my stopping doing what you do not like. I have three little letters for you. KMA :)


      Dame Hime Themis

  13. Your pompous and grandiloquent verbosity, sir, is eclipsed only by your narcissism and petty misanthropy. I doubt if anyone really cares.
  14. Thanks so much above posters! Your preprogrammed responses have greatly added to my database of Socially Conditioned (brainwashed) attitudes!
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