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    TTK Government Update

    Retirement Rocks! Pull up a rocking chair Blacktron
  2. August 28 has been a special day for me in on Planet Bob for many years. 7 years ago, Pax Corvus came into existence 3 years later, the Apparatus became a part of that AA Last year, Pax joined with other friends and Children of the Morrighan was born. For the 6 years of its life, I was the sole and only Chief of Pax. For the last year, I have been the Morrighan, at least publicly, the leader of Children of the Morrigan On August 28, CoTM turns 1 Happy Birthday CoTM. And on that date, I officially turn the title of the Morrighan over to the one who has been the real leader of this AA. Randalla of the HiElands. Henceforth she will be the Morrighan I will just be a lurking Old Crone. Since I can't figure out how embed a video anymore, click on this
  3. Retired Goddess

    Now just an Old Crone

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    Mars Hotspot

    To thee as well. Good luck to you
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    All about that cat life

    Congratz kitties ]
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    The OMEN

    I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message.
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    Mars Hotspot

    Confirmed and thank you all
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    A brief note from GATO

    Happy Birthday from all of my Children
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    Mars Hotspot

    99% 55.99999999, 147 also 99% 54.99999999, 147 100%
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    Final Presidential Announcement

    Good luck to all of you in your new home.
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    An October Surprise

    I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message
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      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



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    Sanctioned Alliance Images

    who do images go to now?
  14. On August 28, in the year 2010 in the common era, Pax Corvus declared its sovereignty as an alliance on Digiterra. And a wonderful 6 years it has been. We, as sovereign nations within a sovereign alliance, have met many new friends and enjoyed ourselves immensely. For 6 years we have stood our ground, promoting peaceful neutrality. But the world is a different place. Six years ago there was more respect, more integrity. Many of those who showed wisdom have gone on to the Summerland someday to be born again as the cycle wills. In that 6 years, we have been sanctioned twice, fought back against raiders big and small, and stood our ground as ridicule increased and the world went up in flames. But the world cannot die, it can only change. We were founded upon the ashes of Ubercon, our esteemed Avatarian Ancestor, and the friendship of Amazon Nation, who stood protector as we grew rapidly to not need it. On August 28, 2013, 3 years to the day after our founding we welcomed our sisters and brothers of the Apparatus to be a part of our family. Now, as we celebrate our 6th birthday, and blow out the candles on the cake, we make to the known world a bittersweet and sad announcement. 6 years from the day of our birth, we bid farewell to Digiterra. Today Pax Corvus is no more. For the people of Pax Corvus BigKif of Kifland, Scholar Nessus of Prandinia, Chieftain Randalla of TheHielands, Tanist and Commander of the Guard Cerridwyn of Greenpeace, Chief Beidh muid ag cuimhneamh duit go deo (We will remember you forever) Requesqat in Pace Neart, Grá agus Onóir Cerridwyn of Greenpeace, Chief, Pax Corvus Randalla rocks You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Sir Winston Churchill
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    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    Finally able to update the forum link. It is now http://s4.zetaboards.com/Morrighans_Children Thank you
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    Comic NAP fulfilled

    Good luck. Mergers have growing pains, but with a bit of work you come out much stronger indeed.
  17. I am the Morrighan And I support this message
  18. CotM makes more sense that tCotM which would be technically correct. Bow And thank you ConRed for posting
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    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    Thank you rattlehead. Come visit
  20. You need to change the name of your AA

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      Joshua Issac

      Thanks, AA updated.

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    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    No we are not. The TSC treaties that carry forward will be listed at a later time.
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    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    ] On this the 28th of August in the year of the common era of 2016, being the 9th year of the existence of DIgiterra, we do henceforth declare the establishment of the Children of the Morrighan. Being from the land of the Celts, we believe in the wheel of life. People and alliances are born and they die only to be reborn again like the Phoenix of Legend. The world is eternal, those who inhabit it are not. And if we have all spent time in the Summerland, we are now reborn anew. [ I present you with The Charter of the Children of the Morrighan Brollach The Children of the Morrighan exist for the sole purpose to promote the advancement of our people, to recognize the unique talents and contributions of every individual, to encourage their use for the good of all, and to protect our own from outside aggression. Amháin (I) - Application and Membership Membership is open to all who share our values and are willing to defend their fellow members fiercely and without hesitation. We are affiliated with no color block. Applicants must register on the alliance forum and submit an application for review. Applications will be thoroughly reviewed, and all information submitted for review will be verified prior to acceptance. Applicants must not be engaged in any acts of aggression against another alliance, or considered to be in a state of war with another alliance, or under reparations from any conflict. All members swear fealty and service to the Morrighan and the Morrigu. Members are encouraged to be active participants on the alliance forum. Members must vote in all actions where a membership vote is appropriately called for Disrespect, cowardice and/or fraud in any form will not be tolerated, and offenders will be subjected to punitive action including but not limited to immediate expulsion. A member nation may depart during times of peace if desired, but is expected to repay any loans or grants or commitments as they are able. Dhá (II) – Governance The Morrighan: The Great Queen is the sovereign of the alliance, and the Queen’s word is law. The Queen has the authority to appoint, to delegate, to create, amend, or override any policies and procedures deemed necessary for the good of the alliance. The Queen may exercise the final word in matters of external conflicts and internal disputes, except in the event of a no-confidence vote as outlined in part III. The Morrígu: The Queen’s most trusted advisers. The Queen may appoint as many advisers as deemed necessary at any time. The Morrigu is a council comprised of the following offices: Badb Catha: The Battle Crow, responsible for alliance defense and the education of alliance members in their military development. The word of the Battle Crow is the same as the word of the Queen in her absence. The Battle Crow assumes the Queen’s duties in the event of her departure. Macha: The Hearth of Home, responsible for facilitating the growth of the alliance through recruitment, and the growth and wealth of individual nations within the alliance including trade, technology and aid. Nemain: The Great Bender, responsible for facilitating relationships and communication with the world of Digiterra and other alliances who call it home, and within the alliance itself, including mediation and resolution of grievances. Bran: At any time, the Morrígu may appoint assistants to help them with their duties. Trí (III) - Grievances All higher positions are held for life or until resignation, except in the event of a vote of no-confidence. If the membership feels an officer is not suitably serving or representing the alliance, a vote of 2/3 majority of all members may remove that person from office. Every member must vote, and no member may be subject to punitive action for calling or participating in a no-confidence vote. Ceithre (IV) - Foreign Relations This alliance offers guest rights to the representatives of any alliance that honors its sovereignty, and in turn, recognizes the sovereignty of any affiliation, regardless of size or protectorate status. The Nemain has the right to expel any guest who acts dishonorably or disrespects the sovereignty of the Children of the Morrighan. Cúig (V) – Combat Unprovoked attacks or use of spies against a member of another sovereign alliance are strictly prohibited. Any who fail to abide this restriction will be held responsible for any and all reparations due, and may be subjected to retaliatory measures including but not limited to military intervention. Repeated failure to abide this restriction and/or failure to make satisfactory reparations in an acceptable time frame will result in expulsion. Skirmishing against unaligned nations are understood to be performed at one's own risk and peril. One who appears weak may fight back viciously. Above all, it is expected that all members conduct themselves honorably. Bullying, extortion, harassment of any kind are not to be tolerated on either side of the battlefield. Sé (VI) - Amending the Charter This Charter may be amended any any time as deemed necessary to accommodate the growth of the alliance and changing nature of Digiterra. Any member may propose an amendment to the charter for discussion on the forums. Final decisions on the acceptance of a proposed amendment rests with the Queen, who will make the decision after consultation with the Morrígu. Signed this the 28th day of August The Morrighan Cerridwyn of Greenpeace The Morrigu Randalla of the Hielands, Badb Catha BigKif of Kifland, Macha ConRed of The Crimson Republic, Nemain The Children of the Morrighan Nessus of Prandinia porkpotpie of UnitedCanance Amarynth of Caspysia Jazzy95 of Krausberg Toynbee of Lepidoptera Joshua Issac of Kakkanad Alex0827a of the Arcean Empire Peonage of Lotharia veracity of drunkenville diegocg of Espiña Chinook of the Allied States Empreror Zephax of Great Bulgaria BlackWolfe of BW Empire Hitmewith of Alexville Kevin MF Hardy of One Nation Oloros of Hellenike BrokeBack Psylent of Brokeback Nation CrinkledStraw of The Fierce Crown Relkasaar of Redwood Plains Arostok of Arostok Epzew MacCyw of Aldergrove chiles of UFOC Emperor Charlemagne of Tomopia Shreejesh of Nepal Alghazi of Puntland Sledge of Lagrange riser of Goodwill Magister Agricolarum of Triplica Crura Glime of Imanemonation LabelForth of LabelForth Garbunkel of Gravilla Dakkessian of Essian Prime TrenchFoot of Trench Foot Ilane of The Meadow Conservative10101 of Megaton Mixester of Rammstein We can be found on IRC on Coldfront @ #Morrighans_Children Our forums can be found @ http://s4.zetaboards.com/Pax_corvus/index/ (Until Zeta can figure out why the URL change didn't work) Direct all questions or queries to Randalla, ConRed or Myself
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    Pax Corvus

    Pax Corvus Peace, Prosperity and Community have come to the Black Team   Pax means peace. Corvus is the genus where you find ravens and crows, community minded black birds found throughout the world. Pax Covrus brings to the Black Team an alliance dedicated to peace. And we want to help you grow in a peaceful manner to develop a healthy nation. If you are looking for a new home where those traits are valued, come visit us and see if we’re the right fit. Our motto is "Nevermore" because nevermore will we allow a government to treat its members unfairly, nevermore will the people in our alliance not have a right to speak their minds, and nevermore will we succumb to the tyranny of someone who believes his way is the only right way. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore!” Our forums can be found [url="http://s4.zetaboards.com/Pax_Corvus"]here[/url] and we hope you will visit and decide to make us your home. We can be found on Internet Relay Chat on Coldfront at #PAX. The Government of Pax Corvus Chief and Founder Cerridwyn of Greenpeace Tanist Vacant   Alliance Heir Captain Lewis of The Isles of Shoals Founder and Seneschal of Pax Corvus Nessus of Prandinia Laird Clerk of Pax Corvus Dr Salvador of Illuminados Commander of the Guard of Pax Corvus Randalla of the HiElands   Bard of Pax Corvus Vacant   Envoy of Pax Corvus Captain Lewis of The Isles of Shoals   Provost magister agricolarum of Triplica Crura Master Harper Amarynth of Caspysia   Scholar BigKif of Kifland   Chieftans and Founders Scarabaeus Sacer of Centaurius   Laird of Pax Corvus Muskrat of Hydronia The Charter of Pax Corvus   Preamble Mission Statement: It is the Mission of the alliance known as Pax Corvus to provide a home on the black team for those who wish to grow in peace and neutrality. Vision: Pax Corvus has as its vision a strong neutral alliance on the black sphere that is a community composed all of peaceful, neutral players who wish to call it home. Values: The core values of Pax Corvus are integrity, neutrality, equality and community. The members of Pax Covus pledge to uphold these values in a rational and peaceful manner. Integrity: Pax Corvus stands by its word and the words of its Chief. A ruler’s word is her bond and his honor. Neutrally: Pax Corvus holds its neutrality sacrosanct. It will not involve itself in the political or military pursuits of others but will pursue friendly, yet impartial relations with those who have requested guest rights. Equality: All members of Pax Corvus are equal under our charter and all have a voice in the decisions of the alliance. Community: Like the Raven for which it is named, Pax Corvus extends the bond of family to all its members. It also welcomes to its community, all who would treat fairly within and offers them guest rights.   You can read the rest of it at: [url="http://s4.zetaboards.com/Pax_Corvus/topic/7965187"]http://s4.zetaboards...s/topic/7965187[/url]   [hr] So come visit, sit a spell, have a cup of coffee and make yourself at home.
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    Pax Corvus