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    Now just an Old Crone

  2. awesome gif



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    2. Cerridwyn


      guns run out of ammo, a knife's a knife :)


      no dying

    3. katashimon13


      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



    4. Cerridwyn
  3. You need to change the name of your AA

    1. Joshua Issac

      Joshua Issac

      Thanks, AA updated.

  4. poke the recruitment thread :)

  5. Coffee, coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz, buzz

  6. I like your avatar

  7. If you don't like how it's done, do your own.
  8. Works for me, if you can keep it up to date
  9. Cerridwyn

    Survivor 9

    Gopher, how much caffeine do you consume in a 24 hour period. It has to be a record amount.
  10. Honey badger - yummy

  11. You should change your alliance affiliation


  12. The most entertaining man in CN

  13. you should add in your alliance, ya know :)

  14. Cerridwyn

    My First Looks

    Well said. And I like that last idea. 10 days in peace mode with no penalty would make a major difference I think. One game I have played you cannot be raided until you reach a certain size. It's helped people get started. One thing you didn't mention, which I think contributes to the top down stagnation (you discussed mostly the bottom up) is that moon and mars wonders were the last major thing to come into the game. Everyone at the top has them if they want them. At my size, even if I wasn't peaceful, there is little to spend money on. It's sad but true that you need to add new bells and whistles to the game regularly to give the big guys something to spend their hard earned savings on.
  15. I play an old fashioned text based MUD called Avatar. The owner there, established a NW game con called Ubercon. He found CN and brought 100+ of his closest friends into the game. Ubercon peetered out but many of us are still here, scattered here and there and loving it.
  16. Pax Corvus turns 1 week old today. Merry meet to all who have come visiting and hope you come back and see us again

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