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  1. You know, got the email, but didn't check the board because it didn't really require my attention (sorry and all that). Didn't even realize what was up til I got the email again this morning. Then I was confused. All good now, just like to make sure I'm not crazy or stuck in Groundhog Day or something.
  2. I was wondering what happened to the post you made the night before. Little early huh lol
  3. As originally promised, you may find our treaty listing below. These treaties are all active as of our DoE, as they were carried over from The Sandstorm Confederation pre-merge. If you wish to see the language of any of our treaties, please feel free to stop by our forums and check them out & chat with us! Children of the Morrighan Treaty Listing: ODAP w/ Invicta MDoAP w/ Atlas MDoAP w/ Global Alliance and Treaty Organization MDoAP w/ AGW Overlords /s/ The Morrighan Cerridwyn of Greenpeace The Morrigu Randalla of the Hielands, Badb Catha BigKif of Kifland, Macha ConRed of The Crimson Republic, Nemain
  4. The Sandstorm Confederacy has largely remained to itself since it's inception about three years ago, a small alliance with big dreams. Though we haven't accomplished any major feats worth announcing, or been in any epic wars where we were the winning factor, our Alliance has been loyal to it's members and allies. However, today, the sands of time have caught up with us and we must lay to rest all that has been behind us. We want to thank our allies for the good times, our members for the unforgettable moments, and the OWF for being fun the few times we had to come join the conversation. It's been a hell of a Storm, but we've decided to fly on. /s/* ~ConRed Elder of Classified Disbandment ~Alex0827a Elder of Travel ~Veracity Elder of War ~Satan1612 Elder of Organization ~eXcessium Tribal Elder ~Peonage Elder of Awesome ~Kream Semi-Retired Elder of Things *These signatures and titles may be incorrect, please quote at your own risk.
  5. Welcome to the Sandstorm, DoD! We've got fun and games!
  6. [center][/center] Why do wars always start on nights that I've already had too much whiskey? I guess we're recognizing hostilities from Sengoku and Umbrella. I'm told they posted DoWs already, so this isn't really necessary... But I will go on the record to say no, we're not DoWing on NPO, nor was that our intention at any point... one of our guys acted alone without authorization. But there's no reason to get all bent out of shape about it all. Truth is we'd probably be brought into the war within the next few days anyway, so here we are. Look forward to fighting ya'll. May we all gain bountiful casualties. Signed Elder of Organization Satan1612 Elder of Travel Alex0827a Elder of War Kream Elder of Treasury Shavar Elder of Whiskey ConRed Gov Advisor Rattlehead
  7. I'm honored to be mentioned, I will very much miss TTE. You accomplished great feats with your alliance, and your leadership was astounding. Yuurei, as always, my services to you are always extended. Never hesitate to reach out.
  8. Let's not pretend LT/RS didn't think it was being cute (Shielded from the Dark Lodgers who can't ride the Sandstorm into the Atlantic Breeze without bumping into El Pollo Loco!) You can't continually raid connected alliances, make jokes about it, then cry about it when things get messy. Pony up guys. (Also, seriously, do something about your peace mode problem RS.)
  9. No, you see, Cuba is good at the game, so that must mean they're cheating!
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