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  1. While I do not know Apocalypse Meow, I know they have impeccable taste in treaty partners here. Congrats to both of y'all. This is a nice looking treaty.
  2. I told myself I would not post in this here thread. I said :"Self. Dont do it." But when do I ever listen to my own advice? Never would be about right. I rarely, if ever, post on these boards. Like my alliance, THC, i keep to myself most of the time. But seeing as this topic is about my little group of rednecks and hillbillies, i figure why not throw in my 2 cents. . I looked at this situation as an open act of aggression toward THC. Sure it was a botched tech raid, but to us, it was more than that. It was a micro alliance tech raiding ,and declaring wars on other micros and never getting hit back. Sure, we coulda done what most others do and ask them to "pwease stop that, I wub my pixels. pinky pwomise you wont do it again." In fact, that is what we (micro alliance leaders)have been doing for years and it is always the same ol crap, only the names of the micros change. I have nothing against TIE. In fact, I was rather pleased that we had a reason to break the monotony. We were looking forward to having a war with someone of equal size and strength. As a micro-alliance, we are normally delegated to ankle-biting and fighting against insurmountable odds. The way I see it, If a 10 member micro alliance raids another 10 member micro and the latter defend themselves, there is no reason for any outside involvement. I guess my main issue with this is simple. I feel that regardless of the size, an alliance is a sovereign group capable of making decisions and doing things as they see fit. And also capable of facing the consequences of their actions as well. If things were reversed, i would stand by my alliance member no matter if he was wrong, and I would fight the good fight. The fact that any protectors were involved at all was surprising to me. I think there may have been some over-reacting. But I digress. Peace has been declared and all is good in my small little corner of the world, void of micro drama.
  3. News! THC was voted the best new alliance in the game in a recent poll that I just made up for this thread. Now thats something.
  4. Not sure if bumping a thread is frowned upon so i will say jump instead. Wait. I already bumped it by adding this pointless reply. so.. nevermind.
  5. There are a lot of alliances out there. Some with super cool themes, some with lots of tradition. Most offer the same things: protection, aid, guidance. Here at The Hillbilly Coalition (THC), we offer you the same things plus something a little different. A chance to be part of something that is being built from the ground up the old school way, one nation at a time. While we dont have the long tradition or a cool theme, we do have one thing no one else has. Stoner hillbillies. (not sure if thats a good thing). Here at THC your voice will be heard. You are more than a number. We have an active community and welcome everyone to come hang out, sit a spell, take your shoes off.. We have one rule... " Pass to the left, for the love of Pete!" Plus we have super exciting fun games such as "pin the tail on the possum" and "ring around the outhouse" and our favorite: "Drink moonshine and smoke wacky tobacky until you fall asleep". So if you are in the market for a new alliance, you should come check us out. Official THC Forums: http://cnhillbillies.forumotion.com/
  6. I thinks its super cool to have joint protection. It means a lot.. I do get paranoid sometimes and tend to Bogart. My doobage is appreciative, as am I. I look forward to working with GATO. Thanks again,guys.
  7. Howdy and welcome to the first of a one-part series on the overlooked but serious issue affecting all of Planet Bob. Of course I am referring to the invasion of those beard wearing, shotgun wielding, moonshine guzzling, lawn killing hillbillies.. I must admit that, at first, these toothless hooligans seem like horrible neighbors. With the late night hootenannies, 2 day barn burners and generally wacky shenanigans. Dogs barking all night and chickens cackling all day, I can see why many may cringe when they arrive. But just one sip of that good ol moonshine and a couple of puffs on grandpappys corncob pipe and you will see that even though they are horrible neighbors, they know how to have a good time. So I conclude this series with an announcement that may or may not be good news for the planet. It is certainly not good for real estate value. The rednecks, country bumbkins and hillbillies have decided that enough is enough and have formed an alliance. Over a late night bonfire with Bud Weiser, Mr J. Daniels and Mary Jane as witness, The Hillbilly Coalition now exists. Can I get a Yee-Haw!? Y'all can come for a visit at our forums http://cnhillbillies.forumotion.com/ or on IRC at #cn-THC. The Hillbilly Coalition (THC) government Rattlehead of Hellbilly Nation - President Shavar of Shavar - Vice President Thom98 of Swampville - Director of Military Taeriel of Arenthia - Director of Finance Zeus74 of Drakkonia - Director of Recruitment **The Hillbilly Coalition is Protected by Children of The Morrighan **
  8. Congrats to all involved. I see a bright future for this alliance. While I did not know Pax, I know the guys from Sandstorm to be great allies and loyal friends. Plus I love the name and theme. O/ Children of the Morrighan
  9. Alliance Name: North American Confederacy Alliance Acronym: NAC Alliance IRC: #nac Alliance Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/North_American_Confederacy_%282nd%29]Wiki Alliance Forum: http://nacforums.forumotion.com/ Team Color: purple We have Re-launched the NAC. our flag is on the defunct alliance list (#64)
  10. It warms me heart to see that we were missed. haha I am glad to be back home at NAC. o/Purple o/NAC
  11. I was, still am and always will be a big fan of Invicta. You guys were always there when we needed ya. Congrats on your 6 years, my friends. Awesome and outstanding accomplishment. :-)
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