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  1. The alliance you're thinking of is The Legion.
  2. Has it been that long? I have some fond memories from this organization. It has grown and endured more than I ever envisioned.
  3. something something dark side something something cookies something something war
  4. Wow...this sucks. Sorry for your loss and my thoughts go out to his family and friends. And you guys and gals in NG. This is terrible.
  5. My voice was deemed the voice that can destroy a bloc in a single statement.
  6. Then what are you whining about? Because those are the two things you seemed to be complaining about.
  7. So as a member of an alliance I am not allow to have a poor view of your alliance? Is that what you are whining about?
  8. How quaint, Starfox calling me lame. Rousing was not talking about how good a speech I gave. It was a way to describe the tone of the speech, as in a rallying the troops around the flag. Saying "OMG I GAVE THIS AWESOMELY GREAT SPEECH" would be saying how good the speech was. And those words never came out of my mouth in anyway other than sarcastically. Go find a dictionary. It can help out with things like this. Plus, ask anyone, I am pretty lame. I accept the reality of everything. Doesn't mean I don't look back on it with regret. But hey, apparently I am supposed to be happy about the fact that they have had influence on the decisions of two of my allies that could be help with the defense of my alliance/bloc instead of being part of the dog pile on the other side. We've been down before, we've been up before and we have always kept on ticking. That's what we are going to continue to do. EDIT: Apparently editing a post with a quote in it breaks the quote. Oops.
  9. During the last war there were many alliances in the coalition that wanted to leave Umbrella on the battlefield at the end and I, as part of the triumvirate for TLR, gave a rousing speech to the coalition about how we were all in this together and that we would not leave an alliance still fighting while the rest of us got peace. Ask me how I feel about that speech right about now.
  10. There is also a level of giving a crap that is involved as well. My recent reservoir of that has been lacking.
  11. I will be DVRing it. Sadly, life gets in the way.
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