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  1. The alliance you're thinking of is The Legion.
  2. Has it been that long? I have some fond memories from this organization. It has grown and endured more than I ever envisioned.
  3. I will be DVRing it. Sadly, life gets in the way.
  4. The NoCB war was because of the lack of CB that people had to attack Hyperion because of Chickenzilla rerolling into MK. The term "noCB" had nothing to do with Polaris.
  5. [quote name='Dajobo' timestamp='1340765807' post='2997756'] You call them attacks and then threaten GPA because you don't like what Jerdge says in an OOC board? [/quote] [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1340766340' post='2997763'] Glad to see MK is such a big fan of free speech. [/quote] [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1340767148' post='2997766'] This is golden. [/quote] You guys are hilarious. If you can't tell that was sarcasm......... Nevermind, continue on....I love a good laugh.
  6. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1340745834' post='2997515'] Because we all know Rotavele is an expert on this stuff. [/quote] That was the joke.
  7. [quote name='rsoxbronco1' timestamp='1340687981' post='2996841'] Screw you, Archon, myself, and a few other people actually got together with some other people and sent moo a personalized cow bell as a get well gift. Still haven't seen a picture of it though. [/quote] Stormsend, myself and Zuli were in on that as well. Also, if Rotavele is calling BS, it's BS. I also agree with him/her/it.......w/e....this is BS. Accounts on the MK forums have not used actually ruler names since slightly after noCB.
  8. I should warn you....there are people who are overprotective of said house guests. You should probably intend on asking for more than 100 tech if you intend on kidnapping.
  9. [quote name='Emperor Whimsical' timestamp='1329445195' post='2922236'] Idk, Crymson pre-empting, MK cancelling their treaties, Fark pre-empting, Legion/ODN sitting on the sidelines, NPO attacking mid-negotiations. Theres a lot of them. [/quote] MK canceling treaties turned out to be a decent move as far as their FA is concerned. It was a quagmire before they did.
  10. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1329439448' post='2922172'] Next year will probably be Worst Move Ever so you'll certainly get one for the no nuke thing wrt NAAC. Oh and one for rage quitting MK, obviously. [/quote] Even I say that was probably the worst move in the history of major politics in the game. I look forward to wearing that medal with pride.
  11. The things some of you believe about me are hilarious. Ok well mostly just Crowdog and Timmeh and who ever thought I rage quit MK. I can't wait to get nominated again next year. This has been very entertaining for me.
  12. This is probably a great political move for any of the alliances not named Ragnarok.
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