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  1. I will be DVRing it. Sadly, life gets in the way.
  2. The NoCB war was because of the lack of CB that people had to attack Hyperion because of Chickenzilla rerolling into MK. The term "noCB" had nothing to do with Polaris.
  3. I should warn you....there are people who are overprotective of said house guests. You should probably intend on asking for more than 100 tech if you intend on kidnapping.
  4. Sir Paul will be a guest at some point. As will Archon. So when we do return there will be some heavy hitters on. Maybe we can get Mary on so we can keep our streak of NPO Emperor's alive.
  5. We discussed the propaganda images from the propaganda thread. As for the rambling...there is always rambling.
  6. AirMe

    Another radio show

    I use Podomatic for the podcast now. Doing a live show ends up costing money I don't have to spend. Podomatic has a free account that should suit your needs just fine. The only reason why I had to pay was because I uploaded so many shows at once and used up all my bandwidth. If you get in on the ground floor you should be all set. Also, I will listen to this next week when I get back home. Any other support I can lend let me know. As for recording calls, I use Skype and use an add in called call recorder to record the calls. Feasibly you should be able to have people call in to your shows
  7. More Raman Mew-Mew.

  8. I thought I had fixed it. Oh well I will play around with the settings again.
  9. AirMe

    War Chart 1-31-11

    It's changed from an Airboat to a ROFL Copter up top.
  10. See? That is what I am saying. Mpol was a great guest but it is my opinion that Hawk won that debate/discussion.
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