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  1. Sabcat is quite the warrior. Thanks for the help and I very much enjoyed the chat.
  2. Thank you for your well wishes. We also wish Lulu was around to see this happen. Please drink another round of rum on us for the years of PPO service.
  3. Thanks!! Edit: I should learn how to multi quote...
  4. Well if you would have worked with us a little better then we could have gotten along better. It's all water under the bridge at this point and has been for some time now.
  5. Good to see you are still around Red. Haven't spoken with you in years. :/
  6. Just want to quickly squash all of the DoorNail talk. He hasn't been around for some time now. He was mentioned along with E.Greivous because of their devoted time through all the years of our old AAs. I considered both great friends on this planet and believe this is the end of a long line of AAs based upon them. It was simply paying homage. This is strictly about our new found home in The Freehold and the relationship that I've so greatly enjoyed developing with Maegor. Ive seen nothing nor heard anything but good things from Maegor and truly hope this will blossom into a fruitful joining of nations.
  7. Due to low numbers and a loss of key The Imperial Remnant founders over the last year or so...we have decided to seek a new home for our few remaining members. TIR enjoyed a good run as a follow up AA to TSC, TSCE, TSA and TSL. Unfortunately, I truly believe this is the end of our AA bloodline here on Planet Bob. Many special thanks goes out to E.Greivous, DoorNail and Siderz for their TIR contributions through the years. Without them...TIR was never possible. I’d like to add that TIR does NOT regret any of its decisions in the past and we had a blast while we had the chance. From going to war knowing we stood no chance in hell to talking trash just because we could. I know we weren't and still aren't well known but a few of you may remember us. Regardless...it was a fun ride. We’d also like to give thanks to Kaskus and The Pirates of the Parrot Order for being our protectorates for so many years. They were and continue to be great warriors. Without Kaskus and PPO...TIR would not have lasted as long as it did. Many thanks to the both of them. I've been on this planet for about 9 years give or take and have only once called another AA home and that was PPO many years ago. This feels almost like the same after having talked with Maegor for many weeks now. I truly think we have found a new home with The Freehold. So finally...It is with both sadness and jubilation that The Imperial Remnant announces that we will be merging/joining with The Freehold. Signed: Stoopid Ace of Smokehaven Siderz of Outsiders *Note: Maegor will confirm this post. **Note: TIR will not be taking any government positions in The Freehold at this time. The Freehold government and their political positions remain the same as of this post to the best of my knowledge. .
  8. I never thought I'd say this but...TIR stands behind TSC in this conflict. War on brothers.
  9. "Yawn and stuff because Im awesome!" Auctor
  10. Exactly. He fails to read and comprehend what you have said multiple times. He seems to be obsessed with TIR government ghosting Kaskus. I think the point of this thread should be to find white peace for all involved. There is no other negotiation. Everybody needs just wipe their hands and walk away. Or, war on.
  11. You're welcome. But, I'm not entirely sure that he was ever really arguing that point.
  12. I just want to clarify if anyone is still wondering or unsure...DoorNail has complete authority to speak and negotiate on behalf of TIR. That is all.
  13. I would've possibly gone with the "I got hacked" excuse but going with honesty is good too. Pretty funny regardless.
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