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  1. He duped several people with this stunt, even he knows there's no way he could've gotten a senate seat had he mentioned he was going rogue.
  2. I'm sure you can avoid getting any innocent nations, especially since it looks as if this sanction party of yours will continue at least another two weeks. /sarcasm
  3. I see why people give you trouble. Your comprehension skills are top notch. /sarcam
  4. 5 slots 4 sanctions is 20, they don't have that many in thier alliance, do they?
  5. There's a possible 20 nations nations seeking trades by your sanctions alone, feel free to explain how that make you better.
  6. The wise move would've been to wait till he lost his seat to retaliate with sanctions, whoever made the decision to have a sanction party without any consideration to all the TC's you guys are burning down, obviously isn't the sharpest tack in the box.
  7. That's a nice shot that's out of context clip of the six pages. Should've just sanctioned Hardin IMO, you made it into a sanction fest including a lot of nation TC's. You're just as bad as Hardin by using 2 senators to sanction.
  8. We stand behind M.Inc and will help enfoce thier reasonable diplomacy. Enemies of Mon Inc are enemies of ours. o/
  9. You mad bro? Gonna ban me? I've got reason to be pissed, if you want you inject yourself into it that's your problem. I'll rake your ass over the coals too. Comprende?
  10. I just got a warning, here's my responce to that warning,,,...$%&@ YOU Stick your "warning" right up your ass...
  11. TIR stands firm on our commitment to our allies. We will not surrender and will take measures to see that our side is victorious, the other side can go die in a fire.
  12. Brokeback mountain works great if you are a !@#$%^ and like to do the poop nasty. LOL Tha's what I seen in that rreply, sorry if that wasn't what was intended.
  13. We admire your stance, contact us via PM ingame for further discussion, thanks.
  14. Peace requires respect, evidently you lost yours. AGW deserves the coward award IMO. Watching you..
  15. That indicates you plan on keeping MONGOLS and SPATR under your boot for as long as you please, so yes that is pretty dirty.
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