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  1. If I recall, he's not got the cash to do much of anything else lol
  2. A Treaty Most Honorable Preamble Expressing a desire to co-exist in harmony, to strengthen their friendship, and to build a solid foundation for their relationship, Fellowship of the Wolves and the Children of the Morighan have come together to announce this Optional Defense and Aggression Pact. Article I: Sovereignty Pledging to never infringe on the sovereignty of each other, the signatories of this pact promise to operate under the principle of non-interference in the each others' internal affairs. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories of this pact will refrain from any and all forms of hostile activity against each other, be it something as explicit as the use of military force or something covert, like espionage. Article III: Intelligence The signatories of this pact are to share any information or intelligence which pertains to the safety, stability, or overall well-being of each other. The recipient of any such information or intelligence is not to share it with third parties without explicit permission. Article IV: Aid & Financial Transactions The signatories of this pact are encouraged to financially assist each other in dire times, and to engage in financial transactions for their mutual benefit. Article V: Optional Defense & Optional Aggression Although neither signatory of this pact is legally bound to grant a military assistance request if its fellow signatory is under attack, both signatories have the option to do so if they wish. Likewise, both signatories declare that they will help each other in any aggressive wars if they so wish. Article VI: Cancellation This pact will come into effect immediately after ratification. If either signatory wishes to cancel this pact, they may do so at any time, however, a period of 72 hours must pass after the initial notification of cancellation before the pact is null and void. Signed for the Children of the Morrighan: The Morrighan - Cerridwyn of Greenpeace The Morrigu Badb Catha, The Battle Crow - Randalla of the HieLands Macha, The Hearth of Home - BigKif of Kifland Nemain, The Great Benders - ConRed of The Crimson Replubic and Alex0827a of the Arcean Empire Signed for the Fellowship of the Wolves Alpha Wolf - Canik
  3. Glad to finally get this official! Here's to a good future together! O7 TTK O7 CoTM
  4. Well, this explains all the talk on your Discord channel of the Lieutenant Dan thing Congrats guys!
  5. I did, but nobody from Polar or MHA will declare on me... Please do it, so I can get some medals on the CotM forums!!!
  6. I hope so, else there's no point in having it!
  7. Somebody from MHA please hit me - I'd declare, but I'm in anarchy. Rand made a neat looking medal for folks who war with you guys, and I want it
  8. I have all my defensive slots open; please provide me with some entertainment
  9. Even a ghost could put up something of a fight
  10. I'll admit, I'm a little miffed that CoTM didn't warrant our own DOW, but whatever. Kinda saw it coming when the two "rogues" left you and came looking for us. Not a bad strategy having him scout out our upper tier, points for creativity (whether or not that was by Umbrella's direction). Please PM the guy I declared on yesterday and get him to actually fight back. T-Bone was boring enough, I'm not sure I could handle two turtles in a row.
  11. Roll Invic.... Oh, uh, NG! KiWi has had me so confused
  12. When I was a total noob I was sitting at about 20k NS with a whopping $2.73 warchest while (attempting) to fight TOP. Wish my computer hadn't died, I'd have posted the screenshot
  13. Seriously, you have some of the best posts on the OWF... I might have to come on it more often
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