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  1. If I recall, he's not got the cash to do much of anything else lol
  2. A Treaty Most Honorable Preamble Expressing a desire to co-exist in harmony, to strengthen their friendship, and to build a solid foundation for their relationship, Fellowship of the Wolves and the Children of the Morighan have come together to announce this Optional Defense and Aggression Pact. Article I: Sovereignty Pledging to never infringe on the sovereignty of each other, the signatories of this pact promise to operate under the principle of non-interference in the each others' internal affairs. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories of this pact w
  3. Glad to finally get this official! Here's to a good future together! O7 TTK O7 CoTM
  4. Well, this explains all the talk on your Discord channel of the Lieutenant Dan thing Congrats guys!
  5. I did, but nobody from Polar or MHA will declare on me... Please do it, so I can get some medals on the CotM forums!!!
  6. I hope so, else there's no point in having it!
  7. Somebody from MHA please hit me - I'd declare, but I'm in anarchy. Rand made a neat looking medal for folks who war with you guys, and I want it
  8. I have all my defensive slots open; please provide me with some entertainment
  9. Even a ghost could put up something of a fight
  10. I'll admit, I'm a little miffed that CoTM didn't warrant our own DOW, but whatever. Kinda saw it coming when the two "rogues" left you and came looking for us. Not a bad strategy having him scout out our upper tier, points for creativity (whether or not that was by Umbrella's direction). Please PM the guy I declared on yesterday and get him to actually fight back. T-Bone was boring enough, I'm not sure I could handle two turtles in a row.
  11. Roll Invic.... Oh, uh, NG! KiWi has had me so confused
  12. When I was a total noob I was sitting at about 20k NS with a whopping $2.73 warchest while (attempting) to fight TOP. Wish my computer hadn't died, I'd have posted the screenshot
  13. Seriously, you have some of the best posts on the OWF... I might have to come on it more often
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