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  1. Mea Culpa ... Nordreich is correct. Upon receiving Latexi's diplomatic note, I sent an immediate internal message to the member in question. Upon confirming that he would be dropping the trade, I had to resume RW responsibilities (OOC... outdoor work: tree threatening a neighbor's house). Just learned moments ago of subsequent acts and am working with Nordreich leadership to resolve. Sorry for the drama; together Nordreich and I will take care of it.
  2. check again, newcomer. When you created your country, AGW had already been on Black for more than a month. (of course, Umbrella hasn't declared war on us so perhaps AGW is not part of the "your alliances" ) Go ahead and post your oldest trade circle ... want to wager Black citizenship that you're wrong?
  3. Are *you* really that confused?
  4. so which is it: there was a declaration of war ... and you've hung two Umbrella out to dry or there was a blitz with no declaration of war? hard to take it both ways. unless you're into that kinda thing, of course
  5. thanks for playing, but no he didn't declare war on AGW. You have to actually say it. Kinda like an attacking captain: without your letters of marque, you get hung as a pirate. Even if anyone thinks that his drawing was a DoW, two Umbrella pirates showed up 3:51 PM and 7:50 PM ... hours before Monster's sketchy post at 8:35 PM. But no worries, we nuke all raiders and their alliance mates. Blasters set to set to disintegrate! Monsters of the world, we salute you .. and very much plan to have fun.
  6. No problem sending nukes to SLAP. Umbrella, we'll just have treat as raiders since they never seem to have declared war: Monster just drew with crayons in their Alpha Wolves DOW, evidently upset that we honor all tech deals. Fortunately we nuke all raiders. Banned, does your Don't SLAP My Umbrella cover raids, too?
  7. friends and principles over pixels ... every time.
  8. let me second that thought from Asero. best core value is believing in principles more than pixels.
  9. AGW Overlords returns for safekeeping weapons flung by POSSE's newly adopted nuclear rogue. After the nuclear rogue Zoltron (New Lucinda) nuked AGW on Dec 7 (does anyone read history anymore?), fled its raiding alliance and tried to hide as a pending GATO member on Dec 30, Zoltron moved into POSSE on Dec 31. Despite numerous attempts at a diplomatic solution, POSSE leadership opted to keep the nuke rogue and to authorize additional nuclear strikes against the cleanup crew which moved against Zoltron. AGW policy is clear and succinct: we counterattack raiders and their sheltering collaborators. Zoltron was clear: "... im not paying restorations and im not ZI, so yeh, I had a BLAST getting in some combat with this nation finally" as was POSSE leadership (Alonso Quixno) on Jan 2 "...The war will continue and i've given the green light for him to nuke your nation" our next step is an environmental approach: we'll recycle and return the nukes to POSSE.
  10. As I've learned more from our conversations, I agree with your conclusion as well, hartfw.
  11. only half right, monkeybum ... re-read the original post. Auctor wet his pants that an alliance less than half his size might attack him -- due to AGW-O asking hartfw if Sengoku declared war before attacking Sandstorm. No one said anything about "enter the conflict against Sengoku", but as Proberbs 28:1 notes "The wicked flee when no man pursueth" The part Monkeyburn got right is that dogpiling is how it works in Oculus. On the other hand, Cazaric got it all right, but I still don't know if it's the compliment or the indictment. The public record confirms that the only attack I received from Sengoku waddled in hours after larger attackers had waded in. For our part, no pixel huggers here: we'll defend and let everyone update their "nukes taken..." bios. Doomcave learned that, too, among others. That's how it works in AGW Overlords.
  12. LOL. all that private channels to resolve issue accomplished was to cause enough embarrassment to trigger an attack. Salute for bothering to declaring war this time. Here's an excerpt (and source of the cowboy reference for the curious) Hi hartfw,Appreciate the details ... reading log and DoWs.Did Sengoku (specifically MattTheCelt) attack Sandstorm without Sengaku declaring on Sandstorm?Do you plan to expel Matt for this violation?I can see Sandstorm's response on the Forums http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/forum/70-alliance-announcements-ic/But no active steps by Sengaku.... and how (on earth) did you let this alleged important target leave on June 21 with no action for days and days and days. Understand if it was just sloppy mixup in time of war, but please cowboy up and take responsibility. Game log confirms his PM ended on 6/24.Cheers, unruly Asked the question twice more when hartfw kept replying without answering it . Whatever ... We'll keep our white hats on and circle the wagons on the frontier. For the record, Morphine and Immortal Junka got it right.
  13. AGW Overlords - unruly flight leader- PROOF
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