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  1. Rogue? I am no rogue. I am a jihadi, a soldier of Allah. And you are an infidel under my six day old nation's boot.
  2. Friends, I came out of retirement just to whomp some Legion ass. Let's dance. But in two days. My back, you know.
  3. If you look closely, you can see the back of my head on the right side pews in the middle. The creepy old Italian woman in the pink is starting directly at me. God will certainly smite her for looking at the face of His Prophet. Please send your tithing directly by cheque to: His Holiness, Pontiff Jack Layton Apostolic Palace, Vatican City 00120
  4. What the hell are you talking about? I didn't desert. If you don't believe me, go to my nation page and check the Activity tab. Seriously, it takes some balls to boot without explanation probably the only competent and active nation in that alliance, and then accuse him of deserting. (3/14/2018 11:16:53 AM) Jesusfreak removed and banned Jack Layton from the alliance Christian Coalition Of Countries. And on top of it, for three days afterwards, I continued fighting against their attackers and helping their nations that private messaged me looking for war advice, while trying to sort out why I had been banned for seemingly no reason. You know, the complete opposite of deserting. What, you wanted me to indefinitely continue wasting my warchest defending these cowards or something? Yeah, tough !@#$. Now they've got a new enemy to worry about.
  5. A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. - Proverbs 17:17
  6. Being the founder of CyberNations' most powerful Christian alliance to ever exist, War Jesus, I figured joining CCC would allow us to band together our love of Christ and war, and bring the Gospel of the Lord to all the corners of Bob by our loving nuclear arms. Nobody had any objections to me joining or raised any questions. Soon after joining, I became privy to information from private sources indicating that Monsters Inc. was imminently going to strike CCC and proceeded to privately warn Jesusfreak, by his words the only active gov in that alliance. He did absolutely nothing about it. He didn't even put out an alliance announcement telling people to militarize. Absolute negligence. Predictably, CCC was hit by Monsters, just as my intel suspected. I then began organizing a defence of CCC by getting nations to coordinate their attacks and giving them militarization and war advice. I immediately launched counterattacks on some of Minc's most powerful nations to tie them down and prevent further declarations from them. I gave war advice to CCC nations who had approached me asking for it. What was my reward for providing crucial intel, defending the alliance, and helping other nations organize a defence? I was unceremoniously removed and banned from the alliance by Jesusfreak with no explanation provided. And despite having read both the in-game message and Discord message I sent him asking why I was removed, he was too godless and cowardly to even give me a reason. Therefore, it has become apparent to me that while the Christian Coalition of Countries is certainly a coalition, and perhaps by a loose definition made up of "countries", they are anything but Christian. Having seen their outdated and ugly forums with my own eyes, I can attest to seeing in there all sorts of heresy, sinfulness, perversion, and yea, even sodomy. Therefore, let it be known that from this day forward, they have made an enemy in Jack Layton, a true Roman Catholic and defender of Rome. This is a declaration that I do not make lightly. They believe that their treaty network can allow them to be inactive as they languish in their mutual masturbatory praising of their heretical doctrines. I will dispossess them of that notion. Therefore, I would like to unilaterally offer the olive branch to Monsters Inc., and indeed their true coalition of the Catholic faithful, and request to join them in their purge of heresy and sodomy as I form my new alliance, Holy Mother Church. Vade retro, Satana!
  7. The Devil's Brigade was not requested by Nordreich to enter into the conflict. We did so for three reasons, thus: 1. I get to once again pummel your alliance. 2. Nordreich is an ally to Non Grata, our new treaty partner. We wanted to celebrate the new treaty by helping out one of their friends. 3. I like Nordreich almost as much as I like pummeling your alliance.
  8. Any enemy of Aevrum is a friend of ours. Happy to help Nordreich in their Final Solution of Methface's stupidity.
  9. Not going to bother with a separate DOW to clog up these !@#$ pipes. The Devil's Brigade officially recognizes a state of war with Aevrum in defence of Nordreich.
  10. I never made any threats to you with respect to your information. Quite the opposite, actually. I explicitly told you that I wouldn't reveal anything on multiple occasions. And I haven't revealed anything that wasn't already in the public domain for nearly 10 years via the GOONS forums. So you can pretend like I've doxed and threatened you all you'd like. I know you're desperate to try and gain some sympathy and play the victim here. But we both know it's not true. I'm still waiting for this information that I've supposedly revealed about you. You don't have an answer because there isn't any. But if you want to keep perpetuating the lie that I've doxed you, I'd be more than happy to demonstrate to you the definition of that word so you can know the difference.
  11. What backpedaling? You made the allegation of doxing. What information has been revealed? Take your time.
  12. Vaguely alluding to a criminal past and posting a picture that was already posted nearly a decade ago from the GOONS forums in 2008 (that he even denies is him) isn't doxing.
  13. Are you going to now claim to not know what an excerpt is? I left the time stamps on for a reason.
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