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  1. Rogue? I am no rogue. I am a jihadi, a soldier of Allah. And you are an infidel under my six day old nation's boot.
  2. Friends, I came out of retirement just to whomp some Legion ass. Let's dance. But in two days. My back, you know.
  3. Not surprisingly, Hitchcock is lying again. So anyway, flash forward to the "kashmir declares on their former Protecterate- for us being 'terrible' micros". Nobody ever said this. It was because they declared on SRA when we told them not to. And when we got them white peace, they violated that again. They also called the Kashmiri aiding them "morons". They said that we're a bunch of do-nothings who sit on the sidelines. This as we were giving them military, financial, and diplomatic aid to clean up their mess of Biblical proportions for the 50th time in a row. They know that full well and cl
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