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  1. So our elections just ended - This is going to be an extremely interesting time. Clearly, the tequila and non-stop partying got to us this go because there is literally no excuse for the results of said election. We actually realized we were doomed from the start and gathered at a bar to watch the results roll in. We take this time to formally apologize for such a mistake. In fact, we can verify this was our reaction the moment that we realized the joke went to far. Also since I am terrible at formatting these things... We apologize for that too. The Results: Assembly Chairman - Sir Kiloist Deputy Assembly Chairman - Alexio15 Minister of Foreign Affairs - Crv24 Minister of Domestic Affairs - Overlord Wes Minister of Defence (note the correct spelling Yanks) - Tevron You thought we were terrible last time... Ha! We here at GATO are like 99.99999999% sure this election and announcement is a pretty valid CB. We’ve all bought 50 cruise missiles to ward off those evil doers. Below is a showing of our magnificent weapons testing P.S. We got some flak for a lack of Dre4m last time so we asked for him to make an appearance he simply responded, “Get off my lawn”.
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    the dog food video

    Fish food will be his next act.
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    Coup bad. Raid good.

    Helios... You say you have more leadership ability than me? I beg to differ. Everyone was happy when I was filling in for you except when your activity was brought up. I've also been in leadership roles in alliances before and done quite well. You are a cool person and all but this wasn't a shot at you as a person but rather as we had our doubts and we weren't happy with where things were going, you would go inactive for a while without telling us leaving us to fend for ourselves with no leader, Dionysus tried to get you to step down and you refused...so the whole "ask me and I would have thing" isn't exactly true. Again, you're a really cool person to talk to and in no way was this a personal shot at you. Also, to everyone commenting about the alliance not lasting long and taking shots at Dionysus, Louis, and I, thanks for the love, we love you all too. I'm being serious by the way .
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