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  1. Yes, I remember WCR. He was tri when I took my first job in MHA government. I never had the honour to learn from the people that lead MHA earlier. I did read the history books and realise that those must have been truely exciting times. And you're right that not taking things seriously is part of the MHA personality. And I must admit that this goes for me as well. Something I need to work on, because this DoW on CotM was a mistake and I learned that too late. Better start taking stuff a bit more seriously from now on... However, I will never drop my view that war is the most fun aspect of this game and that wars with cool people are more fun than war with whiners. In that perspective, CotM actually was a good choice So I get to find out that CotM are cool people by going to war with them. I could see that as a win-win situation, had there not been the political aspect of the game.
  2. They left when we were the largest alliance but carried a lot of dead weight and got punished for that. I became a tri not long after that. But my memory is fine enough to remember never cancelled a treaty. I think 2 cancelled our treaty. One because the alliance wanted a change in direction. The other because the water between us was too deep (and they wanted to change direction). I never ever got blamed for not standing up for an ally, nor have I ever blamed an ally for not standing up for us. But since you feel my memory is impaired, then please fill in the gaps.
  3. Umbrella really has nothing to do with our actions. Is it helping them? Probably yes. But how are Umbrella's motives a reason why we should not join NpO here? A bit of war as a reaction to a bit of aid. Fair deal I'd say. And as for our allies not supporting us? I really cannot remember the last time that happened. We always support our allies when they ask us, and our allies always have been there when we needed them. At least in the time I'm a tri.
  4. We really couldn't care less about the black senate. Not our problem, not our goal, not a reason for us being here.
  5. It is a sad world where alliances get rolled for no reason. Especially alliances that prefer to stay out of the heat. What I see here is that alliance who do like war are fighting. With a good reason to fight. So, I see no problem or sadness. Also, I must say my first impression of CotM is quite good. War should be a way to make new friends. So let's see what this opportunity brings.
  6. Yes, we like a party. In this game, a party means exchanging nukes. This is fun, most of us will agree on that. Our friends and allies said more nukes were going to be exchanged. My babelfish' translation said we were invited to a party. We need nothing more. Perhaps we're on our way to this now: https://sites.google.com/site/h2g2theguide/Index/l/379605 Jesbro, Scorpio, jalap, MHA triumvirs.
  7. No, they don't read anything. I relayed the message through Ursa Minor Beta's beach bar girls. Asked them to tell my people to jump into their spaceships when they came to order a drink. It was overly optimistic on my part to expect them to jump into their spaceships without actually ordering a drink. Or 4. I'm sure they'll drip in when the hangovers have eased.
  8. Good luck to you too, Mr.Bundy. Fun is a good reason to wake up, is it not?
  9. While we were enjoying a relaxing holiday on the endless beaches of Ursa Minor Beta(*), news reached us that our friends went off to a nice party. They told us about it. They promised us there would be beer. Cold beer. Not stale. So we grabbed our towels and took off! Hey Sparta, Hey Alpha Wolves! Jesbro, Scorpio, jalap, MHA triumvirs. (*): http://www.earthstar.co.uk/ursa.htm
  10. Our posts crossed each other. Your GIF is very accurate. An image tells more than 1000 words
  11. Those here who don't enjoy an exchange of nuclear fire, raise hands now. My people at war do enjoy that. I'm sure Kashmir guys at war enjoy that too. Would SirWilliam and I be good leaders of our alliance if we took away our members' toys? As for the guns held against people's heads, I can only clarify this: I never saw Kashmir as a stand alone alliance. People who think SirWilliam negotiated in fear of a "mighty MHA" underestimate SirWilliam.
  12. If a settlement will be announced, it will be balanced and fair. Both from MHA and Kashmir perspective. That's the goal both leaders are rightfully aiming for.
  13. I have repeatedly stated that I appreciate and respect Kashmir leadership handling of this situation, those statements were sincere. I have repeatedly stated that both alliances did what they had to do. From your perspective, of course you can question our motives, and of course from our perspective we can question your actions. Yes, I would have taken a more cautious path if you were member of a larger alliance. I'm a player and I do look at the cards on the table & in my hand to decide on the story I'll try to tell. Surely y'all are players too and would do exactly the same. Have I been a shark looking to max out my hand? I do that at the poker table, I think I'm not doing that over here. A balanced settlement is all I want.
  14. CN would be in a permanent state of war if everybody followed that logic. We have this thing called the Total Perspective Vortex. It helps, well, seeing things in perspective. I quite like the idea we can settle minor disagreements with minor conflicts.
  15. That's a clear and accurate post, thanks. For those interested in my motivations; I was unhappy with your persistance to attack and nuke after my request to quit the raid. But I was ready to let that pass because the applicant was not yet a full member. Indeed, the *spits* made me push through a quest for some kind of response from you. I felt (and still feel) one can't spit on my member, not even on my pending members, without an apology or at least an explanation. And then both of us remained stubborn, which leads us to where we are now. I hope we'll announce an agreement soon, this has gone far enough.
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