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  1. Can you abrev them as "App"... thats what they go by. Thanks again Shadoz.
  2. Will fix. I missed BN as well. Actyally, its not that they are "also at war with olympus" its that they are only at war with olympus. Sparta decalred on BAPS and Olym, GO only on Olym. So were straight. Thanks again man.
  3. We at TSA just wanted to say thanks for posting these charts. We appreciate it.
  4. Conred

    Blog War

    Not classy at all.
  5. You are still so awesome for posting all these. Thanks!
  6. STILL AMAZING. Our Alliance is using your charts to keep track of the war... keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for the charts man...

  8. Conred

    War Chart

    This is going to be dangerous.
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