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  1. If I had known that MCXA was ending, I'd have waited 2 weeks... Farewell to all parties. This new alliance will be something to watch. I wish you all the best of luck in your new endevour.
  2. Several went to GPA, one to KoRT, one to NPO... majority will be moving to NoR.
  3. Happy Birthday NATO o/ NATO
  4. I do enjoy making the improbable happen.
  5. In the beginning, there was a simple idea... to take the best ideas of everything we had learned, both the good and the mistakes, from every alliance we had been in and every alliance we learned about... to take that information and use it to create the best alliance that we could. And to make that alliance flexible enough to adapt to changes, both internal and external... and most importantly, to create a home. We didn't just want to make an alliance for only protection, or trading, but also an atmosphere where everyone was valued, and everyone was important. Not equal, but important and va
  6. Without a doubt, the best nation building program in all of CN...
  7. I still recognise Dre4m as the legitimate ruler of GATO, and I disregard the results of any election. o/ GATO
  8. The new Godzilla movie may be a bit too over the top... If the monster is coming from the Pacific, then why is New York damaged?
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