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  1. If I had known that MCXA was ending, I'd have waited 2 weeks... Farewell to all parties. This new alliance will be something to watch. I wish you all the best of luck in your new endevour.
  2. Several went to GPA, one to KoRT, one to NPO... majority will be moving to NoR.
  3. Happy Birthday NATO o/ NATO
  4. I do enjoy making the improbable happen.
  5. In the beginning, there was a simple idea... to take the best ideas of everything we had learned, both the good and the mistakes, from every alliance we had been in and every alliance we learned about... to take that information and use it to create the best alliance that we could. And to make that alliance flexible enough to adapt to changes, both internal and external... and most importantly, to create a home. We didn't just want to make an alliance for only protection, or trading, but also an atmosphere where everyone was valued, and everyone was important. Not equal, but important and valued. We accepted nearly everyone, and we did everything we could to properly educate and assist everyone who joined. As we grew, we expanded our efforts to make the world better. We created Arizona. Not to extend our influence, but to be better able to help those that needed help, and to counter the things that made the world less enjoyable. Sadly, Arizona did not achieve the potential it should have. People had a hard time understanding its intent... still, I was proud to see what it did accomplish. But to all things, there inevitably comes an end. For months now, Arizona has served as nothing more than a footnote manned only by Terran Empire and GPF, and providing protection to NEAT and our protectorates. We held it in place with the hope that once things got better in other areas that we could once again correct Arizona and get it up and running again. That day will never come. With the understanding from GPF, I hereby formally announce the immediate dissolution of the Arizona Treaty Bloc. I would like to thank all of the alliances that participated in any stage of its development, those that served as members, those that considered membership, and those that cooperated with Arizona. Arizona had a run that lasted longer than expected, and in its time did make a difference in our corner of the world. Terran Empire was intended as our final alliance when we created it. Over time, Terran Empire became more than just a retirement home for its founders. But as it grew, so did the expectations and obligations. In our efforts to help as many people as possible, we took on more and more responsibility. There are many who never understood who we were, and what we were about. We never sought power or influence as goals, but as tools to better assist those in need. We did make some mistakes along the way, but over all, we stood by our beliefs regardless of the potential consequences. We stood up to defend TDO in their hour of need, and while the months of war this placed on us did give us the boost in reputation we needed to make the big political moves that would push us to the next stage in developing our alliance... the damages were significant. Pixels can be replaced, but burnout is much harder to repair, especially when compounded by global mass inactivity. Still, this was not what brought us to this day. Terran Empire had grown too dependent on its leadership, and that, which in many ways served as a source of strength, was the weakness that we were unable to overcome. Truth is that situations from beyond this world from many of our gov members, set the stage, and when I personally had significant issues from beyond this world of my own, the vacuum at the top was more than we could overcome. When it became clear that these outer issues would not be soon overcome, and that I would no longer be able to run the alliance to the level that I feel is necessary to serve my members and allies, I made the hard decision to do what we always felt we would never do. I chose to close the doors of Terran Empire. In efforts to take care of as many of our obligations as possible, I have negotiated the merger of Terran Empire into Nordreich. Our protection of ROMA and SCAR will also be transferred to Nordreich, and the Terran Empire AA will be protected by Nordreich for as long as people remain on it. There are a lot of people I would personally like to thank for their contributions to Terran Empire. I owe a lot to some of those that are gone from this world like New Reverie, Van Hoo III, and Bad Omen, for influencing me greatly in how to properly run an alliance and treat those who recognise you as their leader. Without them, I would not have been able to create an alliance, or rule it effectively. And a footnote thank you to those who showed me how to ruin an alliance and prove to me that I could do better. Next, I would like to thank Londo and jgoods and the rest of Athens, without whom, Terran Empire would have never gotten off the ground. I owe an immense amount of gratitude to Sarmatian and all of Legacy for saving us from the premature abyss we were facing and launching our extremely successful second age. I have never understood the rift that grew between us, but I have always been grateful for what was done for us. I'd like to thank Grey Council, the Rosular Kingdom, TDO, and Cult of Justitia for the relationships we developed years ago. Thank you to NEAT, ROMA, and Sandwich Confederacy for everything we did for each other. A huge thank you to everyone at CCC. You spent so much time as a part of our lives and our development. LPS, Sherg, Wes, Llanowar... really, just a big thank you to everyone at CCC. I'd like to thank UCR, Invicta, NPO, and Legion. Things were a rollercoaster ride at times, but there were some noteworthy positives. I'd like to thank Sparta and Fark, for doing what you could for us when we needed it most. Thanks to TIO, NATO, LoSS, and SUN. You have each been good friends. Thank you to Randalla and Apparatus, and Cerridwyn. You have been good friends. Thanks to each of our many protectorates who put their faith in us: FTC, FCC, BWB, UA, ICON, ROMA, and SCAR. Thank you to GOONS...you know what for. And a very big thank you to our very good friends at GPF, KoRT, Nordreich, GATO, and NG. So many individuals to thank that I will not attempt to do so... but a thank you to Rampage3, Devo, Sojourner, Tidybowl, Scorponok, Stagger Lee, Dre4m, Rogal Dorn, Omni, Roq, Wally, Walsh, Brucemna, ConRed, White Chocolate, Schatt, MIKE 1587, Franz, Berbers, Mogar, Nascar, KCahill, Fen, Cheezy, Kurd, Samwise, ...and so many, many others... And more than anyone, all of Terran Empire owes a huge thank you to our former Chancellor of Defense, CheezDood. You were the best gov member we ever had, and we could not have made it through our wars without you. Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who was ever a member of Terran Empire. Without you, nothing would have been possible. It was each of you who made this a home, and made everything we did worthwhile. It was said in our first year that we would never amount to anything, but we did so much more than anyone thought possible in the current age. Without ever having a merger, we reached a peak of 132 members, a ranking as high as #26, over 3 million NS, a Senate seat we held for years, a bloc, success in wars, and many good friends and allies. This far exceeded our own expectations and made us proud of our accomplishments. On behalf of the remaining founders of Terran Empire, and everyone in our gov, we thank all of Planet Bob for our time in it... and we close this door, not overwhelmed with sadness, but with countless memories and pride for everything that we achieved. It was an honor to lead Terran Empire, and now I turn the page to add our assets to Nordreich.
  6. Without a doubt, the best nation building program in all of CN...
  7. I still recognise Dre4m as the legitimate ruler of GATO, and I disregard the results of any election. o/ GATO
  8. The new Godzilla movie may be a bit too over the top... If the monster is coming from the Pacific, then why is New York damaged?
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