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  1. Hello, The description of the Moon Colony states that 6% of citizen count will be stored there at time of purchase. My citizen count at time of purchase was approximately 152,000 6% of that population would be about 9,120 The Moon base population after purchase is 4,768. This number is closer to 3% of my population. Can you please correct my base population and fix the bug.
  2. I wish your membership all the best in their new homes. RIA would also like to extend a welcoming hand of friendship in our discord. https://discord.gg/ub8ARu
  3. Cacti and Dragons are natural allies. Cheers! o/ RIA o/ The Freehold
  4. it looks like someone tried back in September. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/129517-treaty-web-data/#comment-3476044
  5. Does one of these even exist anymore or is it too complicated? I've started looking up all the treaties and blocs on the CN wiki, but I doubt it is up to date or complete. I'd like to make one or find one like we used to have.
  6. Maybe we need to have declare bankruptcy added as a feature. Declaring bankruptcy allows other nations to buy your infra, tech, and wonders for a period of 1 week. Then your bills reset to zero.
  7. trade agreements sent to you and your partners
  8. The hit limit and message limit was added because of me in late 2006 and early 2007 along with a change in the TOS. You can search the red senate debates for more back story. Back then most of the major alliances had departments dedicated to collecting game statistics. There was no option to download statistics like there is today. The departments would have their members click through the war, foreign aid, alliance stats, and other nation statistic pages and pull all the info from each page. This would result in thousands of clicks and tax the CN servers. To stop the practice, a
  9. Well damn i just made a nation. I hope I don't regret it.
  10. All slots closed. Will bump if I have an opening. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=604565
  11. It has been a very long time. Since this forum is technically IC. The ruler of my nation abjugated his throne, got married in 2009, and had a few kids. I do wish I spent more time with RIA.
  12. wow, what a trip down memory lane. According to my wiki I joined in Feb 2006 as nation 3150 and was once in the top 50 strongest nations Would like to see @Trace and @Shadow Slayer again some time. Also good to see @bros and @Rebel Virginia http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/New_Reverie
  13. [quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' timestamp='1291311189' post='2528076'] I shall wait for some folks to come here and berate you for shoring up the current hegemony by handing them a potent tool of war. It shall be a sordid spectacle, one that is a tad familiar, but entertaining nonetheless. Good luck in your chosen home, the one with the running cactus thing. [/quote] I thought MK was still the holding the puppet strings these days.
  14. I've joined RIA. Thanks to everyone for their recruitment efforts and recommendations. As I side note, NV you guys have alot of friends and look to have a great thing going. I hope you do well and would like to work with you some time in the future.
  15. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1291220666' post='2527295'] Join NPO for irony's sake. [/quote] I don't see what would be ironic about it. They would probably welcome me back.
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