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  1. looks like i get a chance to renter the top 1%. started 33rd overall, adding that so i can compare easier later.
  2. good to see you. some old people still kicking around in RIA who might show up on discord https://discord.gg/A7SKxbS
  3. about time this got done. been in the works on and off for over 2 years
  4. NADC was a welcome addition to Maroon and well we are sad to see them go we are happy to see them joining TTK.
  5. yeah they meant December. with &lat=-21&lon=-14 at 100%
  6. had the mars wonders since they day they were released and never knew there was a connection between the moon and mars hotspots. its actually cool that they effect each other.
  7. is it even worth moving this month? April's location gives 96%. you probably entered the url incorrectly. the key par is &lat=-48.26031088767209&lon=-72.439453125&VALUE=C019B98F20 you need to replace the text starting with &lat all the way until the last number before the &VALUE with &lat=-50.99999999&lon=-78 it would look like this &lat=-50.99999999&lon=-78&VALUE=C019B98F20
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