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  1. im317

    rankings bug

    it sure would be nice if someone could give us a definitive answer to these things
  2. im317

    rankings bug

    99% sure its NS. Maroon senate has had some close races the past few months. 3 nations at 68 now and they are in order by NS.
  3. im317

    rankings bug

    in senate it is who has more NS. i dont see why we have an NS cap anymore. its not like it adds to the number of nations that can hit or be hit. removing it would clear this up without having any other effect. these are not the days of a 35k NS cap when it increased the number of nations that the capped nations could hit or be hit bye. now its just +/-250. and if anything the range that can be hit should be decreased both due to the dramatically smaller player base and the massively increased gap between the top nations and the low end of there declaration range. of course that is a subject for another thread, but fixing this can be done fairly easily.
  4. im317

    rankings bug

    its also incorrect on the top 10 listing you see when logged out
  5. im317

    rankings bug

    then why are the rankings on there nation pages correct?
  6. im317

    rankings bug

    Jerel is the #1 nation by NS with 1,928,672.88. oddly he is listed at #2 when you sort by strength. conversely Cuba has 1,831,764.03 NS and is listed at #1 https://www.cybernations.net/allNations_display.asp?Page=1&Order=DESC&Field=Strength this might just be a display error, but deepening on how the +/-250 is done it could affect that too depending on what it checks for the rankings.
  7. im317

    Mars Hotspot

    100%, thanks
  8. im317

    Positive Mental Attitude

    do you still hold the individual treaties listed on your Wiki with the member alliances that make up C&G?
  9. im317

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    glad we could help each other. im happy as i hit my second goal of top 1%. if only there were ground attacks left for me.
  10. im317

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    interested in an update with the new wars, and not just because i moved up.
  11. im317

    A new power rises

    of all the names you could have chosen next you went with GGA? i mean sure there was a time when they were not a joke, but that time long past before they were finally put down.
  12. im317

    Mars Hotspot

  13. im317

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    i must be that #42 nation, thought i seem to have moved up to #41 now https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=124781
  14. im317

    Mars Hotspot

  15. about time we got an individual treaty done