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  1. confirm 100% for lat=65&lon=116
  2. down only 7 members in 2 years and not all of them left the game. i think i have done a fairly good job pestering people into not going inactive.
  3. looks like i get a chance to renter the top 1%. started 33rd overall, adding that so i can compare easier later.
  4. good to see you. some old people still kicking around in RIA who might show up on discord https://discord.gg/A7SKxbS
  5. about time this got done. been in the works on and off for over 2 years
  6. NADC was a welcome addition to Maroon and well we are sad to see them go we are happy to see them joining TTK.
  7. yeah they meant December. with &lat=-21&lon=-14 at 100%
  8. had the mars wonders since they day they were released and never knew there was a connection between the moon and mars hotspots. its actually cool that they effect each other.
  9. is it even worth moving this month? April's location gives 96%. you probably entered the url incorrectly. the key par is &lat=-48.26031088767209&lon=-72.439453125&VALUE=C019B98F20 you need to replace the text starting with &lat all the way until the last number before the &VALUE with &lat=-50.99999999&lon=-78 it would look like this &lat=-50.99999999&lon=-78&VALUE=C019B98F20
  10. this is a stupid question that i really should already know the answer to but do solders killed by nukes count towards casualties? for some reason i thought they didn't.
  11. im317

    rankings bug

    it sure would be nice if someone could give us a definitive answer to these things
  12. im317

    rankings bug

    99% sure its NS. Maroon senate has had some close races the past few months. 3 nations at 68 now and they are in order by NS.
  13. im317

    rankings bug

    in senate it is who has more NS. i dont see why we have an NS cap anymore. its not like it adds to the number of nations that can hit or be hit. removing it would clear this up without having any other effect. these are not the days of a 35k NS cap when it increased the number of nations that the capped nations could hit or be hit bye. now its just +/-250. and if anything the range that can be hit should be decreased both due to the dramatically smaller player base and the massively increased gap between the top nations and the low end of there declaration range. of course that is a subject for another thread, but fixing this can be done fairly easily.
  14. im317

    rankings bug

    its also incorrect on the top 10 listing you see when logged out
  15. im317

    rankings bug

    then why are the rankings on there nation pages correct?
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