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  1. Liltrekkie

    Crap out

    I'm shocked you were able to get your head out of your butt to post here.
  2. Liltrekkie

    To TIE and Monsters INC.

    You sound just as stupid as ever so that's cool. Oh, and Hi COBRA, we will bury you too.
  3. Liltrekkie

    To TIE and Monsters INC.

    Oh? Looks like your top guy's body isn't ready. Let me touch him with my nukes. You're about to see how not I am.
  4. Didn't anyone teach you not to poke a sleeping bear? Your attempt at staying relevant is over, you will be met with full and unrelenting force from CRAP and any one of our allies who want to join in on beating you down. We will bury you in so much CRAP you'll only wish it was a !@#$%* pun. With love, The CRAP Triumvirate.
  5. Liltrekkie

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    Funny, we knew that too. Took you long enough to admit that. Once giant &#$@ bags always giant &#$@ bags
  6. Liltrekkie

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    I like how you guys aren't even trying for a CB. You just lie. You should have just said "We want war and they are a threat to us so we war you" that would have least been honest.
  7. Liltrekkie

    Order Squared

    Hey, remember when that never happened? I guess children can't help but make stuff up in order to make themselves look better
  8. Liltrekkie

    Order Squared

    Says the guy who's been doing that for three pages now. You don't get a seat at the grown ups table just because Pacifica got a little red at NG's embarrassing war performance. run along now, grown ups are talking here, go back to the little kids table where you belong.
  9. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    How convenient. The old we didnt directly attack them so its fine argument. Is that how your allies felt in all those wars when you attacked one of your allies, allies? Kettle, meet pot.
  10. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    I wonder how Avalanche feels about this, seeing as Sparta is a friend of CRAP. Or does Polar not care about their allies?
  11. Liltrekkie

    Non Grata Edict

    So another words, Oculus has no class? That's what I'm taking from that.
  12. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

    If you want to clean maroon so bad then you should have started with yourselves. Don;t worry, we will help you, one NG nation at a time.
  13. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

    I'm not the one crying seeing as you needed 4 different alliances just to hit two small alliances. We must be doing a good job.
  14. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

    You obviously missed the "lets keep this between maroon" Does Umbrella not respect NG's wishes? Or is Umbrella calling the shots?
  15. Liltrekkie

    Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

    And thank you for making my point. Clearly this was never meant to "stay between maroon" since NG, TLR, and NoR can't put a leash on their own allies.