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  1. You apparently don't know our sphere too well then. None of us were required to hit the biggest threat, we wanted to hit the biggest threat, because we believed in defending our allies no matter the cost. Something CN has completely lost, we arennt called the moralist sphere for nothing. We aren't just allies, but true friends who have been there despite the overwhelming odds stacked against us. Speaking of, there were a number of times we wanted to branch out into other spheres, but we were always shot down from those outside, usually by those big and blue, or friends of those pe
  2. Luckily, we don't care what you think.
  3. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.
  4. We get it, you're a dong. You belong to a whole group of dongs who are bored in a dying place. These are the only people you can be dongs to and stomp because you decided to treaty 80% of the planet. What's next after you dongs force everyone else except yourselves out of here? Here's an idea, if you want to be dongs so bad, do it to each other and let everyone else die slowly like has been happening. In the mean time, get the dong out of your butt and mouth and move the $^#* on.
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