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  1. But the alliance itself died, that was the point I was trying to make
  2. There was a war for control of the maroon senators, CRAP and GOD were attacked first, long story short, GOD refused peace as they grew tired of this pixelated world long before the war even started. The war accelerated their death and they died, never to be seen again.
  3. We wish our allies at KNB good luck for the future! Here's to a prosperous future! o/ KNB
  4. Most unfortunate to hear that, good luck on your FA path there!
  5. You act as if every side doesn't support the stomping when they are the ones doing it. At least when we did them, we had a valid CB, and didn't go on some lame quest because they were bored.
  6. And that magically makes them a force of good now? No. One semi decent thing doesnt erase all the BS they have done.
  7. Can't handle the truth there? I'll help you out. If you hit the log out button, all your problems go away.
  8. You personally weren't, but the name you call home, was. The sins of NG's past will forever haunt you, and whoever else may hold the throne in the future.
  9. It's missing your massive maroon dominance campaign, and the few months after when you hit TTK for "plotting". So I think it's your history that's wrong, not mine.
  10. I seem to recall NG and various past NG allies rolling CRAP/RIA/TTK & friends whenever it felt like just for existing. Anytime your alliance got bored it was off to war town. Now you're crying wolf because it was done to you. Oh the irony. Based on NG's history alone you got what you deserved. You know what NG told us every time it happened? Get over it. So you know what you should do? Get over it.
  11. Anything but an E-ZI, P-ZI and forced disbandment. Keep him at war and bill lock him for six months for all I care. Have him write some apology with reps on top of that if you think it fits better. The only thing I care about is he gets a fair punishment.
  12. Did i say he should be let go? No, I'm saying let the punishment fit the crime
  13. I dont understand it either, trust me i've tried and all i got was a headache
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