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  1. As stated. Was nuked twice at the same day. First time at 11/12/2020 at 3:10:27 AM and the second time at 11/12/2020 at 4:10:19PM. Screenshots for verification are attached. Would like the second nukes damage reversed also please!
  2. They could pick me, yes. But they haven't agreed to this either. So who knows, they could pick you too.
  3. I never said it wasn't fair, honestly the only problem I have with this is allowing foreign people into the war, or thats the way it seems to be worded. Aid from any sources is fine, but it sure seems like you could pick someone from literally anywhere you'd want. Sure KNB could do the same, but it really dilutes this whole gala.
  4. As an ally of KNB, I care about whether he gets a fair shake. Now you might not of known that KNB and CRAP have an ODP treaty, but now you do. Hopefully you understand why I am here now.
  5. Man, and JA calls me the buzzkill. I'm hearing a lot of buzzing coming from your direction. Either you have a bee infestation or youre being a buzzkill. You should get it checked out either way.
  6. That's what makes this fun, they call it !@#$ posting for a reason. So far, JA is the best at it. Nothing personal, but he has more snark to his comments
  7. The word optional seems to come to mind. Ah yes, Optional defense pact, that's what its called. My only interest here is making sure KNB gets a fair shake, that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. And judging from Tanks post above mine, it sounds like you're going to choose which KNB members get to fight. And that's not a fair shake.
  8. Oh this is too good. I'm starting to see why outside people call you chickensphere. Personally, I'd love for you and LH personally duke it out, see who can out damage one another for bragging rights. That would be more entertaining than whatever this is
  9. Well if this isnt the most unoriginal post I've ever read. Minus the decom of the SDI, you basically took what CLAWS gave to Lucious and applied them to KNB. Bravo on that originality. Eat any creativity lately?
  10. Or perhaps, he's doing what he's supposed to, and trying to get peace from people who can't even maintain their story, or make up their mind on whether they want individual peace or coalition peace. Something you've flip flopped on two or three times now. Maybe if you weren't so busy trying to spin a trail of tears about some spy network you may or may not have been involved in, you could get things done.
  11. He literally isn't doing a thing. We've hardly spoken in the last few weeks. So it's the truth, something you have a hard time telling since all you know how to do is spin.
  12. I'll admit that made me chuckle. Seriously though, the screenshots are public. Everyone can see for themselves what the truth is. LH isn't doing a thing, he doesn't have to with all this information that has been made public.
  13. Feel free to give them one. Like say you could admit your involvement with that certain spy ring?
  14. I cannot believe you wrote all that toxic waste. So now CLAWS has it out for poor ol' cobrasphere? Please, save it for someone who cares. I'll wager that not one person there gives a hoot about cobra, they just dont like your smug face. They dont need a CB to stomp you, they could stomp you at any time they felt like it. And yet, they dont. Yeah sure seems like they have it out for you. Also, you never condemn the whistleblower. There are laws to protect them you know, not that you care. And on that note, if he was approached by TDE and not the other way around, where are those sc
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