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  1. Is it me or is your signature right alligned @Lyanna Mormont?
  2. Where is Sys? I miss her. Her support for my restaurants is truly magnificent.
  3. Thanks for welcoming me in Gulag Johnny. You looked beyond the colour I wear and treated me with respect. Much appreciated.
  4. I’m no drinker. But I will surely populate the TIE restaurant for this festivity.
  5. I sent some gateaux over on RFI mess hall. Happy birthday GATO
  6. Congrats Tank. Hope all is well on your end.
  7. Thanks all parties for giving my newbie make-believe country the chance to become first time war veteran. There is much to learn😄
  8. Are you going to open a #food section? I’m happy to expand the CLAWS restaurant franchise to RFI.
  9. I’m a newb. I’m just here cause Lyanna is awesome🤗
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