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  1. I know you don’t like us, and probably haven’t read anything else that was posted. Here are the consequential facts. Cobra altered the recognition of war, to try to draw CLAWS in, by naming this as a bloc response - to which claws has a few ties to. This was never a bloc response. So, to recap. No, the rest of boog never agreed on a bloc wide recognition of war, so, the rest of boog was never supposed to attack. That was changed by Cobra at the last second. Neutrality and expected to counter if the individual alliances were to be declared upon are completely different. We can’t expect anyone to believe the plan, when certain alliances added alliances to the RoW, I know who was in it because I wrote it. To which OC was not apart of it either, but I digress. I am glad they got peace, but they also said they were going to merge into Kashmir and were told to seek peace right after they attacked. Because they weren’t expected to attack, or asked to attack.
  2. I got that, I was reiterating, that certain members of Cobra said you knew and that you were heartened by talks to defend you. Those same members asked if Claws would attack NG too. There is a laundry list of happenstance from certain members of Cobra, lying about your knowledge, altering RoW, asking CLAWS to attack with them, and claiming to be couped. I’m sorry that you have been misinformed about what happened during the discussions after you took a sabbatical. I’m also sorry that Cobra lied to their allies and changed a myriad of things that were agreed upon. My previous edit mentioned that there were things we both didn’t know, my offer stands to fill you in on how Cobra said that you were aware of the plans, that you endorsed them, and asking claws to attack NG for/with them etc etc.
  3. We were told you did know. That you were heartened that people would defend you.
  4. The same for you. It must be hard to have your cake and eat it too. Active enough on discord prior to the recognition of war (as you said), you could have told Boognish that you didn’t want to be defended. That would have been the end of it. Yet, the people you’ve mentioned perpetuated the war, and now you are claiming they were couped by someone who didn’t succeed - you can’t be couped when someone didn’t succeed or have any real chance of succeeding. Now, you’re saying you never wanted it. How very odd. The coup I’m mentioning is not the CK failure, but the one where people have been going around saying tiki couped then. Edit. As you mentioned there is a lot we both don’t know, prior to my time in boog and yours after you left. You may not be privy to cobra asking us to get claws involved etc etc. I would like us both to fill in each other. As it seems like we both wanted what was best for Cobra. I enjoyed the time I spent talking with Cobra before the merge into Kashmir. You can find me on discord and we can talk.
  5. Let me be clear about this. The only ruse that was used was by the people telling Boognish that you were unable to talk with the rest of the bloc.** The same people, from Cobra, lied to the rest of the bloc and changed it from individual alliances defending to the rest of boognish defending to try and force tertiary alliances to come in if NG called in allies. This wasn’t even from the head leader at the time, was from people you know very very well. Reread the part where Cobra wanted CLAWS to come in and save them, and use them to attack NG. The very same people you tried to save, once the war started, posted the changed recognition of war (I know - because I wrote it) to include alliances that told them they were not going to be apart of this. So, no. The only ruse that was espoused was the one from lower ranking government members of Cobra, who posted a changed RoW, then when it went sideways, started telling everyone they were couped. You’re right, it is a dumpster fire, one that was perpetuated by Cobra. Edit** You’ve been saying you never wanted to be defended by war. If Cobra said you were active and let us talk with you, no wars would have happened. So, with you being active on discord (as you’ve said) while things were being discussed you never once told Boognish not to do anything. How odd, you claim to be active on discord, to know what was being discussed, but never talked to your allies to tel them you didn’t want to be defended.
  6. You people love your semantics here. When you hit the declare war button, you declare a war, that doesn’t mean it is inherently defensive or offensive. Because defending an alliance member in a tech raid is still declaring an offensive war, for a defensive reason. Again, I digress. There seems to be an issue here that you do not want to address. The only people in Cobra who wanted to avenge you were the ones telling boog that you weren’t able or ready to talk. They made the plans and changed the plans, then used the boog moniker when people didn’t agree with them. After all of that, they told people they were couped. So, I won’t sue you for helping your former brothers, but I will point out that the people you are trying to help were the ones that started the defending of you, which lead to Conra joining Kash.
  7. Thats interesting, as certain members of Cobra told us you were quite unreachable. I will still defend cobras actions as I still view it as a defensive war. So, it was never defending you, but the attack on cobras sovereignty and ability to conduct its governmental affairs. I digress. I can also defend someone that was wallowing, not mutually exclusive. It seems odd that you go missing, but not really, then try to tell to help certain members of Cobra, but not others, directly undermining the current leader of Cobra. So, it seems here that during the whole ordeal, you under minded Cobras leadership from the start. As you just said. Alas, I am glad you are back.
  8. While you were wallowing, your brothers in Cobra lied through their teeth, and used the boog label to declare war trying to force everyone to attack NG. That’s when boog died, when Cobra killed it. When things didn’t go your way, certain members of Cobra said they were couped out of the government. It’s not, mogar. People spouting ill informed opinions have no idea what was actually said or happened.
  9. A new fairer standard, must leave bloc. Boognish being effectively defunct for weeks now, not withstanding.
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