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  1. Rivalry is a strong word, more like a duckling following the first thing it see's and pretending it is their mommy.
  2. Yawn. Go look at your war screen, go look at the nuclear reports, and see your name listed. Color me surprised that you live in a world were you haven’t been nuked, or raided two alliances. I must offer my condolences to Kashmir and FTW, you are not alliances anymore. Who would have known!
  3. Oh, that’s weird, the nuclear news reports must have a bug, we should alert the editors! If memory serves correctly your last two raids on AAs have ended with you being nuked. If you don’t like the treaty, that’s great, talk about it, but your reasons for not liking it, based upon raiding is disingenuous. Especially since you’ve had just as many messed up raids as an entire AA. So, please, keep moaning about something that you yourself have messed up just as much, with more damage done to yourself.
  4. Weren’t you just nuked for screwing up a tech raid?
  5. At least they weren't a protectorate!, amirite? Sure hope DS can prevent FL from raiding you know actual, connected alliances. Seems like he has a significant problem with that. First Kashmir then FTW. Oh, boy.
  6. Same, good buddy. This endeavor could only have been better if I could have convinced Athens to give me a protectorate again.
  7. Oh no, a threatened rolling from firingline, how will we ever sleep at night?
  8. He’s just a little butt hurt, but that’s just the world we live in.
  9. Slow mode for life. I’ll die on this hill. Also, come join us. https://www.tinyurl.com/IAAserver
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