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  1. Nah dude, this "war" was an embarrassment. Barely doubled my casualties and it wasn't even pure cowardice, most of them just couldn't afford to re-buy, even in round 1. Idk if all the tough talk from Boog at the beginning was based on the assumption that the bloc would actually come together to achieve something, but the combined forces of Kashmir, Ordo, and COBRA folded like they were playing competitive origami. I'm down for peace though...yay.
  2. I for one welcome our not-new Christ-loving comrades. Let's go make some dudes ded...together!
  3. Thanks to NG gov and all the old-timers for getting us young'uns in on the fun when you retirees are let out for your semi-annual walk around the community. We may never see the glorious battles of old, which even now are heralded though the channels of our Discord server, but we proudly join in reminding everyone about the belligerent elderly oddballs cleaning the dust and riff raff out of Maroon sphere. Coming soon to a buffet near you! o/
  4. I feel like I helped! Congrats y'all, I hope you grow strong together!
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