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  1. I will keep this short and sweet. Its been a long and good run, but as of now, TSK is officially no longer. Our disbandment has been put off for a long time. We've been a shell of our former selves playing a dead game. It would continue to be a dis-service if we continued. We thank our allies, The Dark Templar, Umbrella, The Order of the Paradox, Pirates of the Parrot Order and Alpha Wolves. Umbrella, one of our older and most active allies have graciously opened their doors to any of us who wish to join them. Signed, Comrade General - King of The Seven Kingdoms
  2. Comrade General

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    The good ole days. I started back in 2006 and had a couple stints when i didnt play since then
  3. Comrade General

    The Ironborn Dual Announcement

    Ah another Game of Thrones based alliance. Congrats from Kings Landing
  4. Comrade General

    Alpha Wolves Return to the Party

    Happy hunting
  5. Comrade General

    The Seven Wolves

    Other than a couple protectorates, this has been our first treaty in a couple years
  6. Comrade General

    A NATO Announcement

    o/ NATO. Good to see. Lenny you were the MoFA back when I was in NATO as your deputy. Good to see you're still around.
  7. Comrade General

    Fall is Coming

    I started playing in 2006, with a couple stints of inactivity since. I floated between gov and non gov.
  8. Comrade General

    The Seven Wolves

    I look forward to a long and peaceful friendship with Alpha Wolves. o/ TSK o/ AW
  9. Comrade General

    Fall is Coming

    Ours is the fury.
  10. Comrade General

    Recruit Me

  11. Comrade General

    Looking for an Alliance

    The Seven Kingdoms http://cnkingslanding.net/index.php
  12. Comrade General

    I need alliance

    The Seven Kingdoms is looking for tech sellers. Come check us out. We have a vast library of knowledge. http://www.cnkingslanding.net/index.php
  13. Comrade General

    House Baratheon

    Bump bump bump
  14. o/ The New Order of the Atlantic The Seven Kingdoms recognize the NOA and as per the terms of the below treaty hereby protect them.