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  1. Valdoroth Kai

    The Seven Wolves

    Preamble: In the interest of promoting friendship and ever-lasting peace between two sovereign alliances, The Seven Kingdoms (TSK) and Alpha Wolves (AW) do hereby sign this document of Peace, Intelligence, and Aid. Section I: Peace Neither signatory shall engage in or endorse military action and/or espionage. against the other signatory. If a nation is found in violation of this they will be ordered to offer peace and reparations, the amount of which to be decided by the signatory governments' on a case-by-case basis. Defending nations are required to limit retaliation to the level of attacks received, but may choose to not attack back. Should an offending nation refuse to offer peace and agree on terms of reparations, as decided by their alliance, they shall be deemed a rogue and exiled. Section II:Mutual Respect Members or both signatories shall remain civil to each, especially on public forums and IRC channels. Section III: Intelligence If either signatory learns of intel of a threatening nature against the other, that signatory is required to report it to the other. TSK and AW hold the right to keep how they obtained the information secret. Section IV: Aid Should either signatory find themselves hurting financially due to hardship or war, they may request financial aid from the other. Although it is not required to send aid after a request has been made, it is encouraged. Section V: Cancellation Either signatory may cancel this pact at any time; however, the withdrawing signatory must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels (IE: embassy, IRC, OWF) 48 hours prior to official termination, except when the countersigned has violated Sections I or II without resolve. Signed for TSK, Comrade General , King Augusta, Hand of the King Valdoroth, Master of Whispers metalbot, Master at Arms Jaime Lannister, Master of Laws knUk23, Master of Coin Signed for AW, Malakarlian -Alpha Wolf Al Bundy- Beta Wolf Ric Rast- Delta Wolf Vdiddy1- Sentinel Wolf Tja65- Sentinel Wolf
  2. Valdoroth Kai

    Fall is Coming

    I've been around since 08, but not really government I'm old too. fixed. o/ all
  3. Valdoroth Kai

    Fall is Coming

    Lords, Ladies, Knights, and smallfolk of Westeros lend me your ears! For some time we have lived under the glorious reign of King David, First of His Name, and it is with sadness that I must announce that His Grace has met with a most unfortunate accident. It is time for fresh blood in The Seven Kingdoms, for a new King, and with him a new Hand. As such, I would like to announce the coronation of King Comrade General, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. Serving as his Hand will be the the lovely Lady Augusta. Metalbot has mercifully generously been allowed by His Grace to keep his head remain Master at Arms for assisting us during this...take over difficult time. Knuk has been appointed Master of Coin for his devotion and loyalty to the Crown, as well as his vast knowledge of finance. As the Honorable Knuk says "The Master of Coin finds the money. The King and the Hand spend it." The Master of Whispers and Master of Laws have not been seen since the King's untimely expiration, so it will be assumed that they, in their grief, have followed their beloved King David to the afterlife. That being said, I, Valdoroth, shall assume the position of Master of Whispers, and Jaime Lannister has been appointed as Master of Laws. All others on the Council shall keep their positions, provided they remain compliant competent, and, of course, loyal to the Crown. The Crown encourages all citizens of Westeros to take care, as King Comrade General would very much dislike it if others met the same fate fell victim to an accident, such as the previous King did. trl:dr TSK is changing a bunch of government members Current Government: King: Comrade General Hand of the King: Augusta Master of Arms: Metalbot Master of Coin: knUk23 Master of Whispers: Valdoroth Master of Laws: Jaime Lannister
  4. Valdoroth Kai

    GOD Declaration of War

    /o Godspeed!
  5. Valdoroth Kai

    RE: Zealed.

    Edit: nvm
  6. Valdoroth Kai

    RE: Zealed.

    Edit: nvm
  7. Valdoroth Kai

    Sandlot Declaration of War

    All of this is because people complained and QQ'd about the last war about war reps that were honestly not that severe as they seem to think it was (it was fully paid in short time since it wasn't really that much). It was all caused due to misscomunication of their side of the war in the first place (attacking during peace talks??)! This brought grudges and distaste more than it should have honestly. If they seriously wanted revenge that bad, they didn't need to bring whole blocks into it. It coulda been just a 1v1 a couple months ago with terms set to prevent it escalating. People don't make sense to me honestly. It's the lack of proper communication and assumptions that bores most problems. Personally I don't see how someone else deserves "re-payment" when it was originally caused by themselves in the first place. That's like a dog biting it's own tail and then trying to bite it's neighboring dog for letting it do that himself. Anyways, Good Luck DT, RoK, and Legacy. P.S. You guys seriously need to look at the big picture of both sides of the war and not just one. Makes determining the right solution easier and wiser. P.S.S Honestly, we probably all could take a look backwards and say we all goofed a little bit, but now that we've got all tangled up it'll take a long time to untie it.
  8. Valdoroth Kai

    I did not hit her

    I've been in CSN for 3 years now and started when AT was in Command. I've seen the changes so many have opposed, but the truth is not it being terrible. Changes happen. We may not always approve but sometimes they're neccessary. You may not like the leader of your country sometimes, but you deal with it and hope for the best. I've enjoyed being in CSN desite all the ups and downs and changes. Time can only tell Congratulations CSN for 5 years! Lets hope for another 5
  9. Valdoroth Kai

    Athena Meets ARES

    /o the Athena Treaty Wait and watch
  10. Valdoroth Kai

    Joint Val/NoR/DT/Asgaard/RoK announcement

    [quote name='Goose' timestamp='1308366413' post='2733540'] /me stumbles about trying to scrape the red X off his back... [/quote] [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1308366164' post='2733535'][quote name='Natan' timestamp='1308365091' post='2733513'] Very cute May you achieve what I wish for you to achieve [/quote] Couldn't agree more friend. [/quote] Yup, I can feel for both of ya. We'll see how this "winter" plays out won't we