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  1. After a prolonged period of hibernation, NATO has decided to hold elections. Lady's and gentlemen, I give you the 2016 NATO government: Secretary General Shadow Striker Chief Justice Johnny07 Secretary of Defense Matt Cols0n Secretary of Enlistment Ionabis Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lenny N’ Karl Secretary of Commerce TaylorLuckyLee
  2. After considerable delay, NATO has completed its Q3 government elections. I am pleased to announce the following members represent NATO's new government: Secretary of Foreign Affairs Da Dreadlord Secretary of Defense Asapilu Secretary of Enlistment Lonabis Secretary of Commerce SteelersFan Chief Justice Johnny07 Secretary General Tsayka Goog luck to all of our future government and members
  3. thank you Knights for being understanding
  4. Over the last few weeks I have made a fool of myself condemning and bullying Knights111. I used Knights conduct as an excuse to be a bully. And for that I apologize. I still disagree with Knights conduct on the OWF, but I have realized that I have no room to talk. I was stressing out in the real world and was looking for someone to take it out on. Knights presented an easy target for my hatred and so I projected my own problems onto him. I am sorry for that and regret my own conduct.
  5. I also apologize to whoever created the flag, not bad work, but its a shame to see it wasted on one of Knights 3 day no member alliances
  6. Ah the punk found a punk flag. (I apologize to all the CN players out there with much more experience than I. I am making a point of picking on knights because I really dislike this guy. I apologize for filling the OWF with dislike messages for Knights)
  7. Question: Why are you a punk.... Follow up, have you ever thought about joining a real alliance instead of making a bunch up? Yeah that was a two part question, my bad
  8. Thank you Methrage, I wish you and Kashmir the funnest of wars. Except the war with Berbs, I hope he whips the floor with your. No offense, just AA loyalty
  9. I know I am not. However, I dislike Knights because he tried to poach me and because of his conduct. I guess I just dislike him. I mean no offense Neo Uruk. I am sorry if I annoyed you. I will make sure not to do it again. But just for the record. I saw you as the anti-hero here. Maybe not a nice guy but fighting the good fight
  10. Anyone who's nation is less than 70 days old. But I guess I don't speak for them, I only speak for myself
  11. I'm not speaking to the truth of Knights statement. It may be true and therefore the best post, or it may not be, none of my concern I'm just speaking to the fact that Knights111 is a punk, and I am sick of him posting all over the place giving the rest of us a bad name
  12. Darn it Knights.... your really making us noobs look bad. Seriously, stop... i beg of you
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