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  1. I like it. Change is always a good thing, especially in a pretty stagnant graphics environment, no offense. :3
  2. "Hmm, this was an interesting choice by DoomSquad, I mean we all knew they had a need for an experienced and veteran Linebacker, but I didn't assume they were going to reach for ReyTheGreat. I just don't see how his physique, game smarts, and off the field issues are going to help this team. We all know how mouthy and a great game he talks, but he is no Richard Sherman. Even if ReyTheGreat developed into a pro, I don't think he is in this for the long run. We know he's a money chaser and will follow anyone who offers him the big bucks. That to me spells an inevitable lack of effort he will p
  3. The IMS is a totally stupid wonder. Cruise Missiles were already useless, and now I can pay another 50 Mil to make them even more useless. Dumb wonder. Wars need to be more destructive, not less. The Fed Reserve is a sweet wonder because that will heavily boost my income between now and the next conflict. Foreign Naval Base is for the Super Tier. The Superior Logistic Support is nice for the GA boost, but the maintenance costs are worthless sans the Naval ones.
  4. He should change his avatar to Bill O'Reilly to fully embrace his new role.
  5. And your rubbish propaganda continues. Hardly a few OWF posts will make or break an alliances PR, but good attempts to spin this heavily.
  6. I have to agree with Rush's analysis on this as well. The lack of communication between allies when something major happens is rather dismal in today's age of the game. It's unfortunate because the particular set of standards that was used to operate (not perform, before some fool tries to tell me something like NoCB or Pre-empts) FA are now being tossed out the window too. I really think a community-wide effort to maintain these standards would do us all good, as we are letting the way we played the game deteriorate around us, due to our laziness. And accepting the fact that this trend is i
  7. Huh, just noticed that we had the most members lost in this past month since the AA System was put in place. Love that our tech is still one of the highest in the game and we are about to pass 50k ns.
  8. Nice work, Admin. These seem like some pretty cool changes. Personally, I'd like to see a complete overhaul of the war system we currently have. But it may not be worth the time.
  9. If I could get out of anarchy, I could actually launch some offensive wars. Fml.
  10. Keep up the good work, Gopher. This is all really great stuff to read. :)
  11. SoADarthCyfe6

    War Stories

    Of course he's excited. He only added one of the most unique, stat collecting, features that CN has seen in years right before a super destructive war just set off.I'd be excited about this as well. Plus it's just fabulous for number crunchers too. I'm looking forward to seeing the destruction damage I manage to do to nations and what they did to me. It sure will be interesting.
  12. Congratulations Enamel, you must feel very proud of yourself coming up with such intellectual rebuttals.
  13. RIP Sarysus Don't worry, TIO, we will be back up there shortly so enjoy it while it lasts
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