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  1. Exploiting treaties is an old practise, nothing new. Such 'tactics' (including but not limited to those mentioned) have been exploited and shaped several coalition-based wars - not just this one. Is it reasonable to expect victims of such Realist/Cynical tactics to ignore a clear opportunity for wielding them against their foes? It's a very strong temptation, you'd have to admit. Especially when the enemies are more or less the same and the memories are still clear in their minds. Knowing this, both sides play the same game, fearing to be outwitted by those opposite, or performing 'damage
  2. The blog system won't let me rate this 0 stars and that makes me truly disappointed.
  3. It did feel a bit forced from above, but I'm glad that y'all taking it the right way, afaics.
  4. Terran Empire loses 61 people, Nordreich gains 10. Seems that something went horribly wrong in that merger, heh. Not NR's problem, mind.
  5. I've casually played King's Indian openings, alongside Benko's and Larsen's. I don't have the time/skill to focus on highly developed opening theory, so I deliberately focus on flexible strategies. Younger players seem to have a harder time defending against flanchetto bishops, which isn't surprising since most people are taught open game tactics first at a beginner level. I personally make too many mid-game blunders to fully exploit this approach, but it's fun to play, especially against people unprepared to face it. Best played conservatively, imo, to avoid overplaying and let opponents str
  6. My first real war was WotC. Invicta had a very soft lower tier back in 2008. Others will need training, though so I'll appreciate the workout.
  7. To: Methrage Date: 8/20/2014 10:19:18 PM Subject: War Declared! Message: War has been declared on you by RevolutionaryRebel for the following reason: At least I have chicken From: Methrage Date: 8/20/2014 10:14:43 PM Subject: Reason for war? Message: Do you have one? From: RevolutionaryRebel Date: 8/20/2014 10:15:10 PM Subject: RE: Reason for war? Message: Do you have a reason for &%$@posting?
  8. 'Morality When Convenient' is a better descriptor. That is well and truly alive & kicking. The number of people that are genuinely moralist is about as low as you'd expect. Moralism doesn't bother me, nor does honest scummery. It's the dishonest ones that parade their purported ideals which are worthy of derision. What use are ideals unless they are applied and tested through action?
  9. When I think of Stagger Lee, I think more along the lines of this.
  10. DoomSquad's chequebook is far too large for me to compete with them this year. Ruining the game, and all that.
  11. Scrub. I miss the hypno-mad emote from negative popularity...
  12. If AE keeps beating most of these folks in slot ratio, I'm going to take it out on the Gopher City Pippas. Micros have feelings too y'know.
  13. sizeist What do you have against the equivalent of Jamaican bobsled teams?
  14. forget the winter olympics, how about Survivor - Ukraine Edition? I'd definitely make something for that
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