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  1. RevolutionaryRebel


    look at it this way, the lsf posts almost made me think this was about Int-DH otoh, ucr and ds are made for each other
  2. RevolutionaryRebel

    Glorious Peace

    I guess we can chalk this up as another eternal war that wasn't quite as eternal as certain individuals claimed. Reason prevails. I think.
  3. RevolutionaryRebel

    Top Five Worst Alliances of All Time

    guys guys   dont worry drn was worse than either of you
  4. RevolutionaryRebel

    The FARKLAND war

    Hi, Hakai. Here is a helpful guide. I hope this helps! Sincerely, RR
  5. RevolutionaryRebel

    War stats

    keep tywin weird
  6. RevolutionaryRebel

    War stats

    The winner of this thread is people that regularly read the owf. The bad guys have won again, I'm afraid.
  7. Who is that sax guy again? Everything on this plane of existence is impermanent. Decent people that persist become either hollow or twisted. The rest are too dumb to become either. :3
  8. RevolutionaryRebel

    NPO Clerk Announcement: Briefs for Boxing Day

    Well, they would've be more spacious on average people. They do a god job of filling theirs out. Let's just say that their physiques are better adapted to the cold, thus requiring a larger waistband.
  9. RevolutionaryRebel

    Wars Ought To Have Meaning

    Your ignorance and revisionism is legendary. The reset was performed to allow for reflection and complete re-evaluation of obligations based on the present rather than holding onto obsolete holdovers of the past. It had nothing to do with any silly political narratives outside of that.   Those that are not entirely stupid can be self-aware. Those are wholly idiotic have no capability to detect their own flaws. You are welcome to remain in your echo chamber.
  10. RevolutionaryRebel

    Title: Happy Holidays from the MHA

    Valhalla being Valhalla was a surprise to NpO? Nice Bob Sanders moment you got here Mogar. [spoiler]is the joke old enough to need an explanation?[/spoiler]
  11. RevolutionaryRebel

    Wars Ought To Have Meaning

    It happened in Dave War, Karma, Bipolar et cetera; almost every global war. It's happening here. If a war is coming, alliances will work to ensure their enemies don't get the jump on them. NpO-SNX and co lost the diplomatic war. NPO and IRON won. You didn't make it easy for yourself, mind you. SNX gained status it was not prepared for and failed to change itself quickly enough to reinforce its new-found position. Its FA moves were mocked on the OWF for very good reasons; you kept signing with alliances that weren't battle-tested, nor did they have the bulk to either act as a deterrent or be a decent power sponge. You were the low-hanging fruit in NpO's camp, the unpopular fruit. You let Tywin in gov. You were led by scy. Even the MI6-hate was surpassed by the lack of respect you attracted. And you did not do enough to resist that labelling. You aren't the first mega-merger alliance to lose sanction almost as rapidly as they gained it. Learn from this conflict and put in place the internal structure needed to regain your losses once it has ended. Otherwise, be prepared to watch your strength dwindle till ut matches that of your alliances pre-merger.
  12. RevolutionaryRebel

    Fark DoW

    I bet you're happy you didn't dump NPO for Fark now, TPF. ;) I like ODN but I have no quarrel with Fark. Have fun you guys.
  13. RevolutionaryRebel

    To the concerned parties

    In light of this, I await the IRON declaration on NpO
  14. RevolutionaryRebel

    To the concerned parties

    IRON has a far better track record of avoiding war when it suits them (and joining the winning side), going back... a very long way. They just do a better job of handling the FA overall to avoid looking like Hal has for the past few years.
  15. RevolutionaryRebel

    Congratulations to the followers of the Dumb Bird

    I didn't think TPF was that important these days but ok. :3 :3 :3 :3