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  1. More like a turd stuck on the bottom of your shoe that you are trying to shake off.
  2. JOIN WTF TODAY. IF YOU ARE A NEW PLAYER AND HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO PLAY, THIS IS THE AA FOR YOU. If camping means posting twice in the last two months or replying in a thread that hadn't been posted in for two months, then I am a camper. You posted a different thread calling him a cheater because somebody told you he had less than 5 billion dollars. Man up and apologize for being wrong.
  3. If you are looking for the dumbest and most gullible alliance in the game, then this is the one. You have based your intel on l0c0's war chest from a troll reply to CT. I'd let you keep making fools of yourself, but I am tired of your level of dumb. You are terrible at war and you cry like children for being attacked in a game. You truly are the biggest glob of WAE in CN history. FWIW, he probably has over 30 billion remaining even after buying to 30K infra. Seriously, do you guys not look at CN records? Have none of you seen his collection records? I know oya just beat
  4. Update is this takes energy to update and mine is sapped. I have over 25 million casualties though, so bow down.
  5. You didn't quote the funny part...Fell off List (Pixel Huggers)
  6. Total Soldier Casualties 31,729,004 Total Soldiers Lost - Timmehhh of Pilsmania - Pink Team 31,714,623 Total Soldiers Lost - CubaQuerida of ThePromisedLand - Pink Team 24,520,251 Total Soldiers Lost - konkrage1 of konkrage1 - Purple Team 24,497,033 Total Soldiers Lost - o ya baby of o ya baby - Pink Team 23,292,857 Total Soldiers Lost - TBRaiders of Saldaea - Pink Team Sup
  7. 1 CubaQuerida 13,438,539 Attacking + 16,799,682 Defending = 30,238,221 Casualties 2 Timmehhh 15,694,543 Attacking + 14,118,334 Defending = 29,812,877 Casualties 3 Konkrage1 8,671,529 Attacking + 15,848,722 Defending = 24,520,251 Casualties 4 o ya baby 9,191,016 Attacking + 14,116,118 Defending = 23,307,134 Casualties 5 GantanX 10,594,887 Attacking + 12,490,944 Defending = 23,085,831 Casualties 6 Coffee Shock 7,746,996 Attacking + 15,105,708 Defending = 22,852,704 Casualties 7 TBRaiders 6,899,606 Att
  8. Hapa, I've been on vacation but just popped in to read these. They are great, bro.
  9. lol, mine was a real convo on IRC last night. I thought it was funny that your name came up in a channel and I was able to have that exchange after we had just talked about casualties.
  10. [01:05] <&TBRaiders[DBDC]> stop giving him casualties, trying to catch him [01:05] <&TBRaiders[DBDC]> ;) [01:06] <&XXXXX> does this mean I can't attack him TBRaiders[DBDC] [01:18] <&TBRaiders[DBDC]> you can, just dont kill any of his soldiers
  11. I am coming for you. I am two nukes away from jumping into the top 5. hail casualties
  12. Monthly Update - Cumulative from October 31, 2014 to November 30, 2014
  13. I am going to update the stats when WM falls out of the top 25.
  14. Coffee Shock and me have been playing leapfrog at 6 and 7, but I am coming for Konkrage's 3rd place soon...
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