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  1. It was me who said something and I said you were an idiot. You and Franz both. Drama queens.
  2. I'e seen a lot of crybabies post in this game over the years, but this gem takes the cake. You whine about donations, multis, and then suggest that your enemies are behind some plot to prevent you from accessing your war screen. Take your ball and go home. Where is your bug reports from 5 days ago? 4 days ago? 3 days ago? 2 days ago? Yesterday? You should report someone hacking into your nation and sending out a nuke 4 days ago.
  3. You are lucky you aren't getting your alliance and any allies stupid enough to back you rolled. Spy on doompshere again and see if DBDC doesn't do something nasty to your allies. Apologies to any mutual allies in advance when we roll tanks.
  4. More like a turd stuck on the bottom of your shoe that you are trying to shake off.
  5. JOIN WTF TODAY. IF YOU ARE A NEW PLAYER AND HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO PLAY, THIS IS THE AA FOR YOU. If camping means posting twice in the last two months or replying in a thread that hadn't been posted in for two months, then I am a camper. You posted a different thread calling him a cheater because somebody told you he had less than 5 billion dollars. Man up and apologize for being wrong.
  6. If you are looking for the dumbest and most gullible alliance in the game, then this is the one. You have based your intel on l0c0's war chest from a troll reply to CT. I'd let you keep making fools of yourself, but I am tired of your level of dumb. You are terrible at war and you cry like children for being attacked in a game. You truly are the biggest glob of WAE in CN history. FWIW, he probably has over 30 billion remaining even after buying to 30K infra. Seriously, do you guys not look at CN records? Have none of you seen his collection records? I know oya just beat that record, but it should give some idea.
  7. The amazing thing about being cancelled several times by SPATR is we have never held a treaty with SPATR. Even that last travesty of written word that was posted, nobody in DBDC had seen it, talked about it, or agreed to it. We do have a pact with Bones and its called DBDC. All I care about in SPATR is Bones, even when he thinks we don't care. If somebody attacks him, we have his back. He's been there for us too many times to not be there for him. Best of luck to you guys on whatever you do.
  8. I think WTF has proven without a doubt it is not that tough at all.
  9. I once read that liars always think people are lying to them and I am often reminded of this saying when dealing with people like Starfox. Who would notice a person jumping to DBDC defense before the guy who ALWAYS shows up in every thread to be a voice for the anti-DBDC crowd? For what its worth, I love who the champions of anti-DBDC are. You guys do amazing work. Shocker that you all aren't running successful alliances on your own.
  10. It was a working theory with two known facts; the age of your nation and the simple-mindedness of your post.
  11. I wanted to hear so much more wisdom from you.
  12. This isn't new age stuff either, but I wouldn't expect a baby nation to have any grasp on what is new or old age in this world.
  13. All that yap yap yap and not a lick of common sense. Cya.
  14. I was going to say its not anger, but maybe frustration. I'm less frustrated that you are such a dense poster who seems to have the basic comprehension skills of a tree stump, and more frustrated that anyone replies to your circular logic. I tend to make my point and then walk away. You are perfectly content to talk to yourself and say the same thing 47 times in the same thread. I'm guessing you, schatt, tywin, ct, and unknown smurf could argue with DBDC for 50 posts without realizing you were the only ones talking. Now go high-five yourself and call it a day. You are the man.
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