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  1. Hapa, I've been on vacation but just popped in to read these. They are great, bro.
  2. If we had to raid to survive, that might all make sense but we don't have to raid to survive. There are also plenty of non-allied upper tier targets for us to attack if we felt the need to raid. Our "situation" has been more than stable for a while.
  3. Good job. I want to know who is most likely the Ass Crack Bandit?
  4. Can I use the OP as our charter? We haven't written one up, but that looks pretty good.
  5. I should have said moon or mars wonders for rebuying in the post above. I'd like to see another dozen new wonders implemented, and perhaps some oriented towards high tech or high land or high casualties and not all based on high infra requirements.
  6. There are a whole pile of wonders to cater to newer and smaller nations. Some of us haven't had a new wonder to buy (other than rebuying the moon wonders for the 5th-6th time) for years.
  7. For the two years I've been a part of the CN community...
  8. I'd like to know the 19 who went to TOP. I count 13. They only have 15 nations in the AA who have been there less than 2 months and two of them I don't recall being in MK when it disbanded. DBDC has 3. Southern delegation has none (Leet was in UMB). Whatever data you were trying to analyze, half the AA didn't go to TOP like many of you (wrongly) projected and instead nations went to many different alliances.
  9. The tribute was great. I always enjoy the CMA. I fast forward a bit through some of the award winners speeches or acts I don't like, but it has a lot of entertainment. I was rooting for Hootie to win single of the year, catchy tune, but knew FGL had that won. I didn't expect them to win duo of the year though, and thought it would be Thompson Square. Kacey Musgraves had a solid album/year so glad to see her win.
  10. I'd like to see Brad and Carrie host a weekly variety show. Could have some music and comedy skits with guests.
  11. Hurling threats since 2013.
  12. TBRaiders

    Things I find cute

    You guys need to lighten up. I had a few drinks and had fun posting. We are going to win the upper tier battle and you have 4700 total nations to our 1750 so its pretty much decided you can swarm the lower tiers. The good news for us is our lower tiers love to fight, are generally more competent than our enemy, and we have tons of cash we can send them. This is a fun war. Let go of the anger and hate and just enjoy it.
  13. TBRaiders

    Things I find cute

    Also, of course you do because there isn't anybody within the 4K+ nations on your side who is capable of rolling me. I think I've decided that none of you are ever allowed to have a nation above 100K NS outside of peace mode once this war is over. I am going to copy down all your current 100K nations starting tomorrow (won't take long) and keep a list. Enjoy getting rolled or peace mode. Those are your forever options.
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