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  1. Sargun II

    A Statement From MI6

    This was probably one of the most civil wars I've ever been a part of.   The most important factor to that is that I wasn't a part of this war at all.
  2. Sargun II

    Oculus' Second Decree

      Ah, the old trope of "everything that happens to involve MI6 is actually a large master plan of our manipulation and scheming against every alliance", even when it makes no sense whatsoever.   I don't know why I expected better of you.
  3. Sargun II

    Oculus' Second Decree

      Well, you've yet to explain how several months worth of diplomacy and attempts to repair relationships while others constantly antagonize us counts as "two years worth of manipulating" but hey that may just be the incoherent rambling of a failure of a foreign affairs approach rather than a personal failure.
  4. Sargun II


    Now this is shitposting.
  5. Sargun II

    Oculus' Second Decree

      And yet the first thing I do when I'm unfrozen like Captain America is to shitpost loudly so I'm not sure if you remember who you're talking to
  6. Sargun II

    Oculus' Second Decree

    The only thing I've learned from this entire drama wave is that Neo Uruk's entire motivation for existence seems to be yelling incoherently
  7. Sargun II

    Oculus Decree

    I like to think my disappearance is what led the world community into chaos.   Now that I am back, there is blood for the blood god.  My thirst must be sated.
  8. Sargun II

    Oculus Decree

    Ah, the old 3PM "well we're so inactive we can't actually do it at update" blitz.
  9. Sargun II

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      Apparently not, since they're afraid of hitting us.
  10. Sargun II

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      The "you" is royal.  There's a bunch of other people with the same stuff yo
  11. Sargun II

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      "PROOF PROOF PROOF" after you guys had a warchest (means spy op #1) and you guys got caught with a failed spy op (means at least spy op #2) means a pattern.   You must have flunked out of PR academy.
  12. Sargun II

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      That would actually be pretty great.  I'm sure someone's off to do that now
  13. Sargun II

    Sengoku, have some honor.

    The PR machine moves fast.   You owned up to spying on us, coincidentally doing so in the same was as the other successful attacks, but you want us to discard the link between the two?   This is cute.   You got caught. Just fess up like responsible persons.