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  1. [quote name='king of cochin' timestamp='1313663868' post='2783828'] In all seriousness you would need someone with a Mars Base, Mars Mine and Mars Colony and a massive load of tech to build that for you. Plausible candidates remain Rebel Army, Lynneth, Selenarctos, Triyun and me, [/quote] I didn't mean physically build it for me, I meant help me come up with the technobabble. There's no rule against nations declaring independence or sovereignty on the moon or mars, and we have a map for the moon and mars. That having been said, I already have a Mars Base. I figure I'd only play with
  2. I see you creeping at my profile! :]

  3. [size="7"]SO[/size] who wants to help me make a country on mars :C
  4. [quote name='Kankou' timestamp='1313643741' post='2783441'] Sargun, you MIGHT want to check Sal's IG stats..... I don't see him surviving two weeks unless he's under some mega umbrella. [/quote] What would he survive against? Nobody would roll him for anything, especially not Timmy
  5. huehuehue Sal, want Ireland? I'd be glad to part with it for someone as epic as you
  6. [quote name='Aggressivenutmeg' timestamp='1313530889' post='2782360'] Sal, be Svalbard [/quote] [quote name='Sal Paradise' timestamp='1313539383' post='2782481'] Meh, I don't care. It's just Andorra. Just looked at the map, noticed the white spot and got an idea. Means nothing to me. And I already know plenty of Mael's character but it's instructive of Cent's. So you learn something. Feel sorry for jesbro, who's now gotta deal with being Mael's vassal. [/quote] You want Svalbard? Me and nutmeg will give it to you
  8. fireguy how could you leave me :(

  9. I see you looking at my profile, yo

    two days ago :P

  10. That's insulting - Sherlock had a much better personal life than Schatt.
  11. [quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1312315111' post='2770260'] I would say though and maybe this is splitting hairs, but if any one person claims to have a monopoly and completely taken over a key resource area like the H3 deposits on the Pole, rather than the entire moon, to the point no one else can exploit them, that would also be an issue. [/quote] I RP'd the draining of Siberian natural resources as Artemis (search function doesn't go back that far, I've actually checked) but I don't give a !@#$ if Zoot RPs having found his own. It doesn't really have anything to do with RP, either. As
  12. [quote name='iKrolm' timestamp='1312154215' post='2768582'] Life support systems for each launch must be factored into the weight too, but I am not taking issue with the moon base: it's the proposed habitats. The smaller could hold another million people each while the largest could hold up to two hundred million? 2030 tech is the limit and not 2030 tech as it could be, 2030 tech as it most likely will be. [/quote] The rules only apply to things that involve more than one player - ie, combat. As far as anyone is concerned, flavor RP doesn't really have to be within the rules as long as
  13. [quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1312135240' post='2768385'] I'm right here! Trying to stay alive! [/quote] You're secretly a zombie queen.
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