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  1. Interesting idea. It will probably lead to a big war. I would add a few exclusions: 1) exclude the nations in protected AAs or AAs having treaties (let their protectors or allies deal with the raid); 2) exclude the nations selling tech (tech buyers should take care of protection of their tech sellers); 3) exclude the nations with any military wonders. I also wouldn't interfere in unaligned vs unaligned fights, unless the attacker has military wonders.
  2. I agree with this. That being said this cycle can be bypassed - after you have all the wonders and warchest. In 2012 I fought several small conflicts. To avoid draining my warchest too much I only repurchased up to 4.5k or 5k infra. The infra at this levels pays for itself quickly (if you have economic wonders). So going to war meant I were not loosing much. Due to the frequent (although short) wars my nation didn't make much progress during that year - my tech and warchest in December 2012 were at about the same level as they were in January 2012 (and of course I was buying tech constantly). Long story short, people repurchase too much infra after war, so they need long period of peace for that infra to pay for itself.
  3. You are correct I guess, but all those reasons really apply to big, powerfull alliances. A small alliance, like SPATR, do not need representatives in non-allied alliances. Especially since we are not interested in entering into any new treaties.
  4. SPATR has appointed Ambassadors only to our allies. Zxcsd is Ambassador to Kaskus and NEW, Fasser is Charge d'affaires to Kaskus and Nashorn is Ambassador to SRA. The Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining communications with allied alliances. Ambassador is not entitled to sign, cancel or alter treaties on his own. There is no point in sending Ambassadors to non-allied alliances. If need arises an Envoy can dispatched to any alliance to deal with specfic matter.
  5. murtibing

    New adventure

    If you are willing to continuously send 9mil and 100 tech to SPATR nations with all your aid slots for the remainder of your nation existence, then perhpas SPATR Leadership can possibly take your membership application into consideration.
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