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  1. I logged in and received the bonus. Thank you!
  2. I have not received a monetary bonus for logging into the game today. The last bonus according to the activity tab is for 31st December.
  3. My opponent returned my deployment at the same time when I was launching ground attack. According to the messages (which I post below), one ground attack happened one second after my deployment was returned.
  4. Actually, Kaskus is at war with many more alliances. Kaskus is one of the alliances from SPATR Coalition (SPATR, MONGOLS, Kaskus) which is at war with Oculus Coalition (NPO, IRON, Umbrella, VE, GLoF, DT, NG). SPATR-Oculus war started on 15th March 2016 and it is still ongoing. I also took part in this war (I was a member of MONGOLS and SPATR), although I was only fighting for one year and four months.
  5. Revenge can be a goal of the war, but I don't see why it would affect the tactical decisions. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to turtle? I was in similar situation, but with much less tech (I only had 63k tech when the SPATR-Oculus war started) and I haven't turtled at all. I am suprised that you are using this tactic in spite of your large tech advantage.
  6. Today I was attacked with three spy operations. Here are the messages:
  7. I don't agree with this. If allies need help, defending them is never "pathetic", even if they did not request assistance. For example, SPATR did not request assistance from their allies after being attacked by multiple alliances in March 2016. Despite this, all SPATR allies defended them. That was not "pathetic". That was honourable. That was the right thing to do.
  8. I never turtled during this war. I don't like this tactic. However some opponents from Oculus turtled against me. Anyway, a member of NPO divulged (in the other thread) that you had 30bil at the start of the war. With such a war chest it is best to stay in the middle tier.
  9. I'm not aware of any cases of rage quit in SPATR or MONGOLS. I think Oculus simply wants to "win" this war. SPATR wants to uphold their principles. And MONGOLS continues to fight to help defend our friends (SPATR and their allies) who were aggressively attacked by Oculus. I have a lot of respect for TPF. You are great warriors. You still have over 30k tech. At that stage, I was also mainly doing damage with nukes (and aircraft), whilst my damage output from ground attacks was relatively small (although I
  10. There's no point in making a counter-offer. Oculus is clear about their intentions. And what would that be?
  11. One year anniversary of the start of SPATR-Oculus war SPATR-Oculus war started exactly one year ago, on 15th March 2016. On that day large coalition, mostly composed of alliances assembled in Oculus bloc, started to attack alliance MONGOLS and alliance Swash Plates And Tail Rotors. Subsequently, all allies of SPATR entered the war in defence of SPATR. To this day, Kaskus, Nusantara Elite Warriors and The Imperial Remnant remain involved in the war. For a long time, there was no communication regarding peace between SPATR and Oculus coalition. Eventually, in November 201
  12. Congratulations to The A Team! SPATR wasn't trying to "split the alliance between two AAs to limit backlash". There was no decision by SPATR leadership to split the alliance in order to conduct a war (such decision would require leadership unanimity). In March 2016 those who wanted to start a war left SPATR and created their own AA (MONGOLS). The members who left did so on their own accord. The main leader of SPATR didn't take part in this plan. The situation changed when both MONGOLS and SPATR were attacked by Oculus. After that happened, membership rights an
  13. I understand that you are referring to Bones personal allies and not SPATR allies, but nonetheless let's not forget that: At the time of the attack (March this year) SPATR had three allies: Kaskus, NEW and MInc (almost the same as now, except MInc is now Minc Reborn). All three of them helped SPATR by countering Oculus and their subsidiaries. Kaskus and NEW are still fighting against Oculus. MInc made a peace deal with Oculus (after fighting for a long time), but they asked SPATR whether SPATR would be OK with it before making this deal.
  14. Notification of treaty reestablishment The undersigned alliances would like to announce the following: 1. Alliance Swash Plates And Tail Rotors and alliance MONGOLS recognize alliance Monsters Inc Reborn as the successor to the original Monsters Inc alliance. 2. Swash Plates And Tail Rotors and Monsters Inc Reborn agree to reestablish Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between Monsters Inc and Swash Plates And Tail Rotors as originally announced on 17th September 2015. 3. Swash Plates And Tail Rotors and Monsters Inc Reborn also agree that provisions of the af
  15. First of all, SPATR doesn't "demand" or "expect" that Oculus Coalition will offer peace. My statements here (that Oculus Coalition hasn't offered peace) were simply statements of fact. I have pointed this out merely because some people were talking how SPATR "refused" something. Whereas nothing was offered so nothing was refused. Besides, I don't see why it is considered so important which side will be the first to extend a peace offer. It's not important for SPATR or MONGOLS in any case. And as far as attacking nations without wonders is concerned: In the b
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