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  1. If this is regarding the conversation on IRC about healthcare (pills for "fake" diseases) I just want to say that I was just ..being me. I do not actually believe depression (or whatever other things I listed as things people take pills for-- I think I said anxiety too? But can't remember and it was on my work comp) is not a real thing people suffer from. I just believe that people are overmedicated.
  2. This have anything to do with MI6 forums being down? If so I'd say that's an unclassy start. However from what I've seen of the individuals that make this alliance up I wouldn't expect this and I will give you the benefit of the doubt and call this a coincidence.
  3. Ahhh okay. Thought that was since the start of the ear for some reason
  4. I mean that's* since the start of the war though right? Edit: * = the casualties.
  5. Less than a mill in 16 days..? You been fully rebuying?
  6. A week later and none of the most egregious offenders (or anyone afaik) have shown any change.
  7. 3081 tech of 15480 tech received by Cuba in the last year according to Lyricaz is from nations that have been deleted. They could've been deleted for other reasons though. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11Q729TWET6gnOrw0WRfSbq08bZBUViJuYHzZ7Tb6T6k/edit#gid=0 Lyricaz also only has him receiving 15,480 tech for the year, which seems low though. Idk. Looks to me like the person who said Cuba received illegal tech just made that up.
  8. I agree with your point but not your logic... You are using 36 because it is 365 per 10 days, but if you start on the 1st of the year, you get 37 cycles of incoming tech (last cycle is only the last 5 days of the year but lyricaz records at the send, not the expiration of aid slot). - Pink received the +1 slot 3 times this year. - Using similar logic to the 37 cycles, in a +1 slot event one could get +4 aid offers per event => 400t.* Still 37 cycles * 600 tech/cycle + 400t/event * 3events This still would leave the ABSOLUTE maximum at 23,400 tech. The only explanation of the 25.4k tec
  9. Heres something fun to look at: That nation hasn't had any tech removed.
  10. Cuz we all started playing in college and wars always happened when we had free time (i.e. winter/summer/spring break)
  11. Make a blog that says the exact same thing as my post; why not just respond to my post...
  12. How do you choose who is given an invitation to join the mod team? I would personally accuse the recent appointments to be politically motivated and would like to request senior mod staff look at them.
  13. Walsh was deleted for having two nations. But the second nation was like his girlfriends or something.
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