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  1. Fark and WTF FTW! For the record, this is not nearly the first treaty we've signed. We've had an MDP, ODP, a PIAT, and many NAPs. Signing a Beer Sharing Agreement means we're sharing some beer with some buds, that's it.
  2. Tired of looking for an alliance? ... of being an independent and attacked by rogues? ... of being an independent and attacked for being a 'rogue'? ... of having to pick a team color? ... of losing trade agreements? ... of being ordered to attack another nation for no good reason? Just want to build your nation and play in peace? Then the World Task Force Wants You! Say you're peaceful but still like to fight. We do that too. We defend our members with a vengance! Still not sure? Then take a look at the World Task Force Forum. un pour tous <&> tous pour un --- Th
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