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  1. This is unfortunate for SNX, good luck out there
  2. I'm not government so... Anyways, you're a one-man-AA who attacks SRA, and you didn't expect a nation to declare on you?
  3. Drinking dulls your senses. Welcome to the fray, CA!
  4. MONSTERS INC OFFICIAL BRAGGING CHECKLIST Y / N : Have you declared war under the terms, "Failed Merger", or some other brag-worthy saying? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : When you declared war, were you sure to have more than 10k NS difference? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Your enemy does not have their SDI wonder built? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Did you attack with two other players? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Now that you have over 25k NS difference, are you still bragging? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Have you used a spy operation to change the preferred government into Anarchy? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Have you posted the spy results of a nation in Anarchy? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Did your alliance lose over 200k NS? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Did your enemy alliance lose over 60k? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Do you overall still think you're winning? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Have you made sure to utilize the mass-messaging technique? -Answer: Continue bragging Y / N : Did you also realize that you were attacking under the terms of a denied merger? If not, go back to beginning! -Answer: Still continue bragging Congrats! You're a Monsters Inc member!
  5. It has always been the belief that allies have the right to choose whether or not to defend their allies. But when Monsters Inc goes from demanding absurd amounts of reparations from us, the defenders, to asking for white peace after what they have caused us. Someone needed to tighten the dog's collar before it gets out again, and this time, it happened. I'm glad players know how to work the copy/paste function
  6. Hitchcock is haunting threads again. Did I ever expect he was trying to undermine me politically?
  7. Hey, remember I was one of the first in these wars. You pretty much hit a guy in the back of the head and then began kicking him while he was on the ground. Love the hospitality. I thought you guys were "war experts", you should know why I'm not fighting back. Have I asked for peace yet, or are you just happy to see me?
  8. We get into a defensive war under your jurisdiction and you drop us? Can't say I expected the nullification, but I wish you the best regardless.
  9. Presidente is still in power, this merger was denied because it didn't have consent of the alliance population. Elite Virgin, who works for Hitchcock, is the one who accepted the merger, not the alliance. Hitchcock tried to fix this merger from the start. Why do you think Monsters Inc committed to war after TSO removed your mole? Because Hitchcock didn't get his way, and war seems to be the only thing he knows. Now, back up and rethink your situation Hitchcock. Monsters Inc was totally extorting reps for peace. First we decline your merger because it didn't have consent, so you attack us, and we pay you? Because that makes perfect sense...
  10. TSC, TSO, NADC, and SNX together in one war? Woot!
  11. Our allies, congrats on color sphere unity!
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