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  1. So...just popping in here to point out that I was never a Francoist and never supported it beyond its use as a tool for manipulating the masses. I’m sorry that some have evidently drunk too much of the kool-aid over the years but it is definitely not okay to be considered an OOC fascist under any circumstances in my opinion. Keep it IC kids. Also, hello.
  2. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' timestamp='1323729659' post='2875697'] And who are you to talk of GW1 ODN? We made the decision in good faith. While it was a regrettable decision, there was a sense of honor in it that doesn't exist now. I remember reading the private forums when Moldavi came and talked to us, and he seemed sincere. That was all we were looking for back then it seemed. We got conned. Also, NPO would have survived the war, don't kid yourself. [/quote] I don't recall being insincere. I may have played up the victim aspect a bit more than necessary in the hopes of ga
  3. I always read mpol's posts. Most people here don't even come close. A good read, as always.
  4. atrophis: [quote name='Doitzel' timestamp='1323139000' post='2864798'] D: I'm sorry I forgot about you. [/quote] This made me laugh.
  5. Forgive the skin, it is a work in progress and I am busy today: http://z13.invisionfree.com/SKU/index.php?showtopic=2 This is a link to the application process.
  6. [quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1322836412' post='2859362'] I personally view it as a way to entertain myself in this game, which is ultimately what I play for. It might not change my IC persona, but it's something to do. [/quote] Indeed. I make no guarantees of success and I make no claims of this changing the Cyberverse as some have extrapolated. This is entertainment. I am training to teach, and actually do teach an online course currently, so there are some material RL benefits to me in getting some experience with objective assessment, even if the topic is honestly (OOC-wi
  7. [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1322743355' post='2858128'] If I had more time I'd definitely apply, anyway. I guess that when/if I'll want to play the villain I'll have to make do as an amateur. (On the other hand, while I like this idea, people which can graduate successfully probably already have the qualities to work it out on their own.) [/quote] Well, to be honest, villain insofar as this is concerned, is a matter of perspective. I have always considered myself to be the villain, even when pontificating and demonizing my opponents. It is my opinion that this coursework will allow
  8. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1322732918' post='2858069'] Where is : Narcissism: When is too much, too much? Or, Blending the OOC/IC Line: How to win IC friends by spending all of your OOC time playing grab-ass and keeping up with their mundane and boring lives. Students will learn to completely isolate themselves in their so-called "real lives," and train themselves to be virulently offended at any IC insult. This is a 168 hour course, because you will contact these people whenever you are doing OOC things like work or play. Usually, it will also require that you genuinely are interest
  9. Tomorrow night (later today really) or Friday morning I will add a link to the OP for applications once I figure out how I want to select students. I will state that since I am hoping this will catch on and I will be able to recruit a few of the better students to help me in the future rounds that the initial class will lean towards more established players. But, I believe I will have applicants provide links to IC posts that highlight their unique rhetorical skills and if I am impressed with a newer player then I may select them as well.
  10. [quote name='Brehon' timestamp='1322722496' post='2857942'] *shakes head* Always interesting to see you test the waters of support Moldavi. And you don't do yourself justice, surely your ego threatens to eclipse the universe. [/quote] I have always considered the universe to be more of a hat. It is nice to have reason for such hubris though. I know of a lot of people these days that seem to have similar ostentation without actual merit to show for it.
  11. [quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1322721589' post='2857919'] I think you could learn a thing or two on how we've evolved the villain role. Sign me up. [/quote] You are the villain in this story? Interesting. I thought MK was the champion of the masses these days, righting the wrongs of previous generations and so forth.
  12. [quote name='memoryproblems' timestamp='1322717816' post='2857699'] This has potential. But why use fancy words like antagonizing, why not just have Being a Dick 101. [/quote] Being an !@#$%^& is the natural state of mind. Being an antagonist is knowing how to utilize that assholishness to its full potential.
  13. [quote name='cookavich' timestamp='1322717669' post='2857693'] I wasn't aware that the car lot had semesters. [/quote] True. Of course, it wasn't funny in 2007 and it isn't funny now but who's keeping score, right? Considering that I retired two years ago in order to return to school to get my doctorate in history I guess I will let it pass. But you could try harder. This sort of outdated lame attempt at antagonism is more or less what I am getting at as lacking in the Cyberverse. You guys just fail at it.
  14. [b]UPDATE: Added application information to the bottom of the OP[/b] I was asked to develop a course for another realm back in 2004 because I have a peculiar method of interacting and playing these games and I was wondering, since my semester is winding down and I have a nation but no actual agenda, if anyone would be interested in taking it. It is still a work in progress at present because the transition from that realm to this one is somewhat murky in some respects but I am trying to gauge interest before I convert it fully into an IC construct. The general idea at the time was a unive
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