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  1. So...just popping in here to point out that I was never a Francoist and never supported it beyond its use as a tool for manipulating the masses. I’m sorry that some have evidently drunk too much of the kool-aid over the years but it is definitely not okay to be considered an OOC fascist under any circumstances in my opinion. Keep it IC kids. Also, hello.
  2. I agree with this summary. Several of the events that happened after GW1 ran contrary to my policies. Different Emperors had different agendas. Also, if Legion had honoured their treaty then GW1 may have gone differently. As it was, the aggressors were able to get a personal apology from me and nothing more. Hardly a steamroll.
  3. I was the first Emperor of the NPO here. I was elected. I founded Polar and was the first Emperor there. After GW1 and overseeing the rebuilding of the NPO to the top spot in the game I resigned as Emperor. For Polar, I passed it to Tygaland early on because I didn't have time to run both effectively. NSO was an experiment that was meant to pull together people that were traditionally oppositional to the NPO and/or Polar and indoctrinate them to my way of thinking. It was not meant to be subservient to any other alliance, but was meant to be friendly to the other two for the m
  4. It took me approximately 20 seconds to read your response, and ten to type this. No care needed. Also, I've never claimed to be otherwise. EDIT: regarding my contributions to this game...do a little research - maybe look up Moderation on the old forums.
  5. Yeah, this is incorrect. First, I didn't select the target, I just drafted the declaration and included a few of my own comments. Second, if you want to talk about it, Legion failed to uphold their treaty and stabbed me in the back without cause or justification. That has been proven countless times and I see no reason to rehash it here. Finally, it is a sad state that your so-called alliance can't protect new nations that join you. Isn't that the sole reason for an alliance? Blaming the NSO for the incompetence of your internal structure is just the late
  6. Oh, I think you have (yet again) misunderstood. First, you contradict yourself. Was I a 'legend' or was I forgotten? It can't actually be both. Second, and this is the important bit, I don't care. If the game is faltering and dying, why would it matter if someone comes back and makes a post? Logically, how is it even possible that having someone create a nation is the 'reason' for the downfall of the game? That doesn't make any sense. Further, how is it logical that people like myself, who actively contributed to the development of this game
  7. Right. So you didn't bother to read the rest of the thread or any of my prior posts, correct? Makes sense. People like you are a large part of why I left. I'm not actually involved in the war, nor am I actually requesting help. It was a comment made in jest because of the lack of active involvement at the time from Legion. As to the rest of the drivel, meh.
  8. So, let me get this straight. Your argument is that the NSO is irrelevant because the Legion is irrelevant? Okay, good to know. Thanks for your input.
  9. So is it just me or is this pretty boring? Can we get a few other alliances involved? Anyone want to hit Legion? Free tech evidently.
  10. I don't know Junka, but based on his posts here I can definitely see your point.
  11. Lots of people admired Vladimir. That's just how it goes sometimes.
  12. Missed this earlier. Hello, my name is Ivan. If you read any of my posts from the distant past you will likely find your initial impression to be well founded. Cheers!
  13. Well some people (prob just me) may hope that others will decide to attack Legion too just for fun and beat them to dust. But maybe that's just me. Regardless, while I don't know you because I don't know much of anyone here, you strike me as the sort that would have said the exact opposite if we had decided to attack a smaller alliance that we could beat. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  14. Yeah, some people's night ended up being my morning so there was some confusion on my part. It happens.
  15. I'm personally not aware of what occurred between NSO and Kashmir. We did consider declaring on MHA utilizing the Moldavi Doctrine but they are evidently close to peace. As for Legion, I've personally found the alliance repugnant for over a decade. So meh...
  16. Well, it's early yet and it has already gained almost as much attention as GATO's birthday.
  17. In March of 2009, I brought forth a new order here in the Cyberverse. My intentions were nefarious, my methods menacing, and my potential unassailable. For the time it was the fastest alliance to reach a million in strength to have ever existed here. The New Sith Order was a collection of unsavory characters from the start. I negotiated an end to permanent ZI for several nations in order to have them as part of the first governmental structures. It was a group of misfits and underachievers with potential. In many ways, they exceeded that potential, even after I was but a memory. I d
  18. Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order I've always disliked Legion. They have proven themselves to be cowards, liars, backstabbers, and just generally a poor quality alliance all around. In light of these facts, we in the New Sith Order have decided that we no longer wish to share our oxygen with them. If anyone else thinks they are hard enough, come get some. Signed, Ivan Moldavi Imperator Emeritus of the NSO
  19. I believe you scored this one incorrectly. Otherwise, this was a nice thing to see this morning when perusing the forums after some absence. Dopp was one of the best of us.
  20. Congratulations to the new Emperor. Also, regarding length of service, quality wins out over quantity.
  21. [quote name='Montosh' timestamp='1336708751' post='2966184'] Wait, you're still alive? [/quote] Not really.
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