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  1. The OWF is only slightly more active than MI6's boards. There's no incentive for us to participate here, really, other than read the latest news.
  2. A quality choice. Congratulations to Teeters!
  3. I did well. I got 11/12 series correct in the first 2 rounds. I even nailed the number of goals in the final. Pity I had the Rangers and Ducks in that final. :|
  4. signed up, will need a reminder when it's time to pick.
  5. Also, list of names. Various important people (or people that think themselves important) may be left out- I simply picked 5 from each government. 182 Fark 905 Fark Admir TPF Adolp Mussolini NSO Aesculus GOONS Alexio15 Atlas Aloysius NADC Altheus UPN AMING NEW Arsenal 10 RIA Artigo DBDC Auctor Sengoku Aurelius NADC Autosave36 Sengoku Badpoet ODN Baltus VE Bambi R&R bdewakantunwan Atlas Bear Retrieval Unit GOONS Benji Valhalla Berbers NATO Big Ego FEAR Blade 619 IRON Blazin Atlas BoB DT Brennan NPO Bud Valhalla Buffalo Niagara AI ChairmanHal Valhalla Chuck Normis CRAP cmf0203 R&R CodFC
  6. Alternative additional scoring rules that take individual nations into account: The currency, government and religion of each nation in the drafted alliance is taken note of, and the number of each counted. The largest in-common government/religion/currency of each group is then scored depending on however many nations share that government/religion/currency. For example- Alliance A has 5 nations using the Dong, 3 using the Rupiah and 2 using the Dollar. Alliance A therefore scores an additional 5 points.
  7. If, after reading this post, you have to keep one thought about it in the back of your head, keep this one.
  8. It's here and it sounds amazing and is perfectly comfortable after the rubber band trick. Unfortunately, the cable is so short I can't even plug it into my keyboard USB passthrough. OFF TO BUY AN EXTENSION LEAD
  9. The Steelseries failure cost me a further 60 dollars today, to ship back to the UK. They sure as hell better find the bloody fault and refund that !@#$. The replacement turns up tomorrowish I hope, an Audio Technica ATH AG1.
  10. Avakael

    Recruit Me

    Smurth, you need to help me coup R&R already. Garion failed and MildlyInsane got bored and retired. Get over here.
  11. The G35/930 might be plausible. Is it possible to turn off the 7.1 and just go with stereo? I've never run into a headset that actually handled 7.1 for music in a manner that didn't make it sound echoey.
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