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  1. this is official because it is official thank you
  2. I always rather enjoyed Anthony. Also, present, Just a little after GWII here.
  3. Go away, you have fully half this forum dedicated to your nonsense.
  4. my fave part of this endeavor is that we've pretty much prevented GATO from crossing 5mil NS mark because we're terrorizing their lower tier, mitigating growth juuust enough
  5. Dear people of the Cyberverse, (all six of you, three of which are monster's inc people) With Thanksgiving day coming in, we here at the Army of Xiphosis are hosting an aid drive for everyone's favorite Spanish Cat. Here's a list of the kitties you should donate to, (With more coming when Gibs and Wally decide to post more of theirs) http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=525580 Last Tax Collection: 11/1/2016 5:27:03 AM Last Bill Payment: 11/1/2016 5:26:59 AM Desired Religion: Taoism Desired Government: Republic Threat Level: Sever
  6. it was a short lived POW stint, we didn't really anticipate having to deal with hostages.
  7. Small fires are best put out by stomping. It'd be an honor to fight an old soldier, though. Not too many of us pre-karma fossils left.
  8. Listen, we are really not explore the array of reasons your alliance is bad. I just wanted to go out with a bang, but would you care to share how many people actually voted in GATO's last election? The only people in this thread are the people attacking us or being attacked by us.
  9. i love you too DC. I'm sorry TBC and mi6 had to break up but i hope you leave the very bad world soon
  10. yeah I'm really trying to turtle here, made me lose Ground Attacks! Send only money next time, daddy.
  11. Gibs I never would have rogued with you if I had known you were so unlucky
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