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  1. I always rather enjoyed Anthony. Also, present, Just a little after GWII here.
  2. god all of those rok ones are terrible
  3. yoloswag please join mi6
  4. Mi6 now sponsoring 3 mil/99 tech deals apparently.
  5. christ. Get well soon.
  6. why would you do this now i'll never win :/
  7. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1336058631' post='2962874'] There are alliances that can be considered an elitist mass alliance (yes I said it). NPO and IRON come up. [/quote] ODN consistly imports a lot of tech,and i've never heard anyone remark ODN was particularly bad at war.
  8. 75 mil on him at 8K infra. Less, now that he's bought ships.
  9. [quote name='Manis B' timestamp='1334013043' post='2950509'] An army of one, created in his own image. [/quote] Handsome, with a tasty slot usage.
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