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  1. Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Journalism here. I look forward to the Oscar nominated film.
  2. The NPO will show Planet Bob why we don't need WRCs
  3. I have literally always hated this alliance. I am glad I couldn't stop you from this noble cause this time around though.
  4. On November the 4th, 2017, Malinok bravely attacked Hime Themis of Dulra. Since then one hundred and fifty seven (157) days have passed, each one of which was been spent at war. Over one hundred and thirty (130) thousand units of technology have been wiped off of Dulra. Over two million four hundred thousand (2,400,000) nation strength has been destroyed from all participants in this battle. Billions have been spent. A sea of Davids have slain Goliath. Umbrella has accomplished its mission of taking the nation with the most technology on planet bob to below ten thousand technology.
  5. Mobilized? Does rolling Old Guard for exactly one week count as mobilization? Clearer Vision? To do what? Collect stats? The NPO (along with every alliance, including my own) has never been more inactive and lethargic. No alliance in this game has a goal or purpose except to ensure no one gets in the way of a small few in the upper tier building online monuments to their arrogance. The biggest bloc in the game somehow managed to let an entire neutral alliance go into peace mode. The days of even in name only political stimulation are gone from the game.
  6. Well only eejack fought last time so we're just making sure everyone gets a turn
  7. Where are you guys on the list? I don't see you?
  8. In the last 5 days we've gained 36,776.1 in tech from applicants, so we would have won regardless of their entry. Thanks for running the competition, Gopher.
  9. Biggest non neutral alliance in the game
  10. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1320178738' post='2836657'] So those 'Umbrella is worse than the NPO' sigs were secretly true! [/quote] :clap:, my good sir.
  11. Whats the longest gaining sreak/steak without a loss ever?
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