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  1. Lachiton

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Since you're analyzing damage ratio of a 530 days old nation against 2000+ days old ones with every wonder the game has to offer, especially WRC, perhaps you may want to elaborate on what exactly you meant by "all things considered".
  2. Lachiton

    End of Round Award for most damage

    I fully support this. This will also stop people from conserving their resources till the very last so that they can win the Most Destructive war when you don't have to worry about rebuild. It will add an interesting dynamics as it will force nations to balance their war efforts with rebuilding throughout the round instead of only saving up for just one.
  3. Lachiton

    NADC-Oculus peace

    I think I have fought the guy at least dozen times Congrats NADC for achieving peace. o/ Oculus for such lenient terms.
  4. Lachiton

    Strongest Alliance award

    Agree!!! Remove this award so that what happened on the last day is not repeated in the future.
  5. Lachiton

    The Anti-Cheese Crusade

    :. War Details About Wars War Status: War Expired War Reason: The Anti-Cheese Crusade War Declaration Date: 11/12/2017 12:04:30 AM War End Date: 11/18/2017 Total Attacks: 109 XP Option: Experience Disabled War Declared By War Declared On Nation Name: IronBeer Lachitonia Ruler Name: brewersalliance Lachiton Alliance: Independent Republic of Orange Nations Soldiers Lost: 122,836 202,660 Tanks Lost: 0 346 Cruise Missiles Lost: 3 0 Aircraft Lost: 6 51 Navy Lost: 48 62 Infrastructure Lost: 6,551.20 4,739.04 Technology Lost: 1,489.25 1,088.99 Land Lost: 3,689.231 4,074.852 Land/Tech/Infra: 32,633.67 Strength Lost 25,774.35 Strength Lost Destruction Rank: This war was more destructive than 1,238 of 1,240 existing wars. The results are in. Brewersalliance, I hereby condemn you to savor the below delicacy Bon appetit!!
  6. Lachiton

    The Anti-Cheese Crusade

    Cheese shall prevail. Death to those who hate cheese and commit the crime of initiating crusade against cheese lovers
  7. Lachiton

    The Anti-Cheese Crusade

    Cheese is life
  8. Lachiton

    The Anti-Cheese Crusade

    And stupider!!
  9. Lachiton

    The Anti-Cheese Crusade

    Tsk tsk!! See that what happens when you cut out cheese from your diet.
  10. Kingbilly, round 2 commences