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  1. Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Journalism here. I look forward to the Oscar nominated film.
  2. The NPO will show Planet Bob why we don't need WRCs
  3. I have literally always hated this alliance. I am glad I couldn't stop you from this noble cause this time around though.
  4. On November the 4th, 2017, Malinok bravely attacked Hime Themis of Dulra. Since then one hundred and fifty seven (157) days have passed, each one of which was been spent at war. Over one hundred and thirty (130) thousand units of technology have been wiped off of Dulra. Over two million four hundred thousand (2,400,000) nation strength has been destroyed from all participants in this battle. Billions have been spent. A sea of Davids have slain Goliath. Umbrella has accomplished its mission of taking the nation with the most technology on planet bob to below ten thousand technology. We have proven that even gods may bleed. I would like to pay respect to every Umbrella nation that made this possible (with the lamentable omission of Malinok, whose data I was not able to grab). Each Umbrella nation fought valiantly and bravely in the face of adversary. Our exploits are summarized below: No conflict can be fought without two sides and the realm of the rose has fought well in this conflict despite their lack of practice or know how. I commend you particularly for your wide spread use of sanctions (and organization of secret trades to mitigate our response), it is something (unfortunately) not often done on Planet Bob. In honor of Umbrella's achievements we are unilaterally offering all nations in the both the realm of the rose and old guard white peace. You have earned it. No new attacks will be waged on any of your nations for (at minimum) six months. Umbrella has accomplished what it set out to do and we see no reason you should all be forced to sit in peace mode any further. With Love, Umbrella
  5. Mobilized? Does rolling Old Guard for exactly one week count as mobilization? Clearer Vision? To do what? Collect stats? The NPO (along with every alliance, including my own) has never been more inactive and lethargic. No alliance in this game has a goal or purpose except to ensure no one gets in the way of a small few in the upper tier building online monuments to their arrogance. The biggest bloc in the game somehow managed to let an entire neutral alliance go into peace mode. The days of even in name only political stimulation are gone from the game.
  6. Well only eejack fought last time so we're just making sure everyone gets a turn
  7. Of course, in the equilibrium war. But continue to cover your eyes and post nonsense. At least Umbrella will exist after this war.
  8. If memory serves, you also benefited from years of buying tech in Umbrella. However, at least we're out here using it while you sit in peace mode pretending you're part of some greater strategy. Of course this is our goal. It is the only possible legitimate goal. Unfortunately for your brave words your government has already decided to disband and is continuing to lie to you due to some misunderstanding of how the course of history will view it's actions. The only reason you have a positive NS damage is because you can nuke each nation fighting you every day while only one of them can nuke you every day. You are not a movie hero. You are not Hercules. You are a false god misinterpreting game mechanics for your own aptitude. Sparta will disband, your nation will delete, and history will be none the wiser.
  9. Thank you for joining our struggle against economic terrorism.
  10. I welcome this development. Defending the black team is a lost cause - Alpha Wolves, Sparta, and CoTM should move off of the sphere and stop interfering in black team proposals.
  11. Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. Umbrella is, and always will be, in the right. The black team's proposals are to serve our interests and ours alone. Those that stand in our way such as Sparta and CoTM will now learn the consequences of their petulance.
  12. Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
  13. After this war is over you will never hold a senate seat on the black team again. The days of your economic terrorism are numbered.
  14. I can't wait for you and everyone that votes for you to be far far away from the black team
  15. "Less Pixels", "Honor", "Sell Out", and OOC references! We have losing side of a curbstomp bingo!
  16. It would be interesting to see what you would do if Oculus disbanded, although I am sure your fragile egos would ensure you still found a way to act as the victim of some great cosmic imbalance.
  17. How is being against the concept of blocs going for you? Taking you and all your allies to ZI?
  18. You and all your friends could disband your terrible alliances. I bet you'd whine less then.
  19. When NG was founded through merger they were literally in a bloc with us?
  20. Yes, Umbrella is calling the shots. More specifically, I am calling the shots. Thank you for participating in my Westworld inspired power trip.
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