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  1. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldguard1/posting.php?mode=post&f=62

    Good Old Guard

     It is with humble thanks we speak of your fortitude and rectitude. 
    We have understood the fidelity you have shown through this long hard night.
    We do not understand why the children chose to target the more peaceful alliances but you have been good friends and you have our thanks for your efforts. 
    It is I that asked that you be included in the notice by Umbrella of peace and no attacks for 6 months, you have well earned that respect.

    Dame HIme Themis 
  2. Good EEjack


     We asked Umbrella to confirm they would not turn on you.



    Dame Hime Themis

  3. Which apparently doesn't save old data ( or it didn't for a long while ). If I understood things properly, when things are 'deleted' they are actually deleted, and not flagged as hidden or archived. Without the data dumps none of the old data can be recreated.
  4. Not only has the horse already run out the barn but it raised a family and retired somewhere warm. However, it certainly is a step in a direction.
  5. Every thread ends up with the same posters posting the same posts. It isn't the reason why this game is dead mind you, but it is certainly part of the reason why it will never be revived, as it appears that the more interesting posters attract too much attention and get 'removed' for things that no one else get 'removed' for. Consistent and orderly posters are easier to watch over.
  6. However there are multiple viewpoints. Someone makes a suggestion. I disagree with it because of gameplay issues. Someone else disagrees with it because it doesn't hurt folks enough. A third fellow agrees with it but with some modifications. By the time a good discussion has taken place there are many salient points. Take the top 250 issue for example. Many good threads, many good suggestions and many good reasons to ignore those suggestions. They are not getting summed up in a couple of bullet points and certainly by the time that a mod filters them it would be difficult to give even the impression that those points were presented fairly - opening up a whole can of worms about mod bias blah blah blah. I thought the intent was to make less work for you, not more.
  7. "It will be up to those who disagree with a suggestion to pick one of the persons to write up the opposition view point on that suggestion." Seriously - we can't even agree on what day it is and you expect folks to agree long enough to disagree? Just be honest and let Admin continue to ignore the suggestion forum instead of all this extra silliness. We know he ain't gonna look, you know he ain't gonna look, he knows he ain't gonna look and for those of us whose only entertainment left in this grand experiment is the forums it appears you are going out of your way to suck that last bit of joy away as well. Stop moderating the bejebus out of everything.
  8. Since posts in the moderation sub section of the forum are now secret until approved are posters notified when posts are denied or approved?
  9. eejack


    I disagree. There is massive multi cheating going on, but if you engage in politics on the forums ( hard not to for a political simulator ) all it takes is a couple of accusations and poof you go away. We commonly use the mods to fight our wars for us - pissant squabbles routinely end up in the whining pit of game or forum abuse - there is no doubt there is much more private complaining to the mods from all the cowards. If you engage in forum conversations it is not a question of if. It is a question of when the inevitable warnings will hit you. I didn't post much at all for years just because the mods are such touchy folks - now that the game is dead my concerns have faded away.
  10. eejack

    The dragon is dead!

    Very glad to hear it.
  11. eejack

    The 'C' word

    Be well. Get involved with some support groups - lots of tips and tricks for dealing with the treatments. Laugh when you can.
  12. And comics. ...imagining this as a graphic novel... I might need some alone time now.
  13. Well if you gotta go there are worse ways...
  14. My seat, the edge is painful.
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