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  1. lmao oof. I did spend a lot more time in R&R, NPL, GOD, CSN, etc, but MI6 was probably the site of my biggest $%&@ up, and probably the alliance I was in by the time you even started on this site, so I don't blame you for having that idea.
  2. Put off posting this because I didn't really feel I was important enough to deserve one, but I think my nation has finally deceased from inactivity, and a proper notice will seal it there, in my mind. Planet Bob has now been won and lost in totality, and there are no more second chances to do something worth remembering. I did all I knew how to do in this game; but what I knew how to do was too little to matter, and the few things I took leaps on were total failures. Enjoy yourselves, and if you see me somewhere else, feel free to say hi.
  3. And you know what I've noticed over all these years? They retain fluid! THEY RETAIN SO MUCH FRIGGIN FLUID UMBRELLA DID YOU KNOW YOUR ANKLES ARE UGLY? YOU MAY THINK YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL BUT EVERYONE DOWN HERE HAS ALWAYS KNOW JUST HOW INCREDIBLY DISGUSTING YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN. Also, we're out of slots for some reason. If someone wants to offer me one, that'd be great.
  4. Nah, the story of MI6 was a twelve-bullet-to-the-back-of-the-head suicide in slow motion, but where there was no foul play involved and we actually literally shot ourselves 12 times in the back of the head.
  5. Does this mean we will never truly see peace and stability on Maroon?
  6. Why did you blithering idiots give this guy 550+ replies to his hari kari thread?
  7. And you're there, happy birthday.
  8. Declaring war on me makes it too late for work on his bank account. One week with me (and I'm not a particularly special player) will require a year to rebuild back to where he started- and that's assuming he continues to ignore his warchesting requirements and goes balls out on buying infra.
  9. I've never been more important than this day when I was sanctioned by the player who has fought more wars than anyone else in CN
  10. I'd just like to officially state that my understanding of a rudimentary mathematical game and time available to put towards it is marginally superior to yours, and that makes me a fundamentally superior human being than you.
  11. Partisan linked me to this !@#$ for some reason
  12. >"Rotting Corpse" >19 Billion Dollar Warchest That sounds about right
  13. Hey guys, I said I'd be looking at micro alliances, not micro penises. Thanks kindly.
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