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  1. I don't remember signing this... must've been drunk at the time. o/ TTK o/ AM May our friendship be a long and happy one.
  2. Double B


    I know the day is young, and the nation count will rise, but at 0628 server time, we are here - Serving 1 to 10 of 3,999 Nations
  3. Congrats on successful elections. TheAmericanRepublic will be a busy man, but from what I've seen and heard he'll do a sterling job.
  4. Some "interesting" predictions here. Nice to see everyone in unity though. MoFA for two minutes and you're already signing yourself off as that? BB TTK MoR
  5. o/ TTK. Congratulation Maine, literally trading out one hero for another.
  6. Is someone big coming in to support Meth?
  7. The Templar Knights are still active, we're always having a good laugh in our discord. Plenty of activity on our forums too.
  8. Most beautiful DoW I've seen in a long time. Most beautiful response I've seen in a long time. Great gov members on both sides.
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