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  1. Joe Stupid

    A Farewell to Arms

    Farewell boys. Glad to see you take out the trash on the way out. We'll always have the SNX war.
  2. Joe Stupid

    New Sith Order

    Insert Negative Yelp review
  3. Joe Stupid

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I just checked the forums to see who was still alive and saw this. Sup
  4. Joe Stupid

    Space Wolves Pact

    Well best of luck going forward.
  5. Joe Stupid

    TBC on the incident on whiteness

    double post.
  6. Joe Stupid

    TBC on the incident on whiteness

    This can be arranged quite easily.
  7. Joe Stupid

    Treaty and DoW

    Have fun you sexy bastards.
  8. Joe Stupid

    An announcement from The Templar Knights

    I support your war of Terror.
  9. Joe Stupid

    A Maroon Announcement

    Someone in TLR is actually alive?
  10. They have multiple times, tried to spy my last nuke away. For some reason they've all been unsuccessful.
  11. My SDI has been incredibly useless this war.
  12. I still don't understand why you keep posting.
  13. Everyone loves micro drama.
  14. We have not been on the best of turns but i love and respect the hell out of Kashmir.