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  1. If anyone sees this we have a Discord Set up for NSO https://discord.gg/KTYb5qy
  2. Farewell boys. Glad to see you take out the trash on the way out. We'll always have the SNX war.
  3. I just checked the forums to see who was still alive and saw this. Sup
  4. I joined GOONS under another name in 06' was only there a few months and quit. Came back in early 2007 under the current moniker.
  5. Good to see this finally get off the ground. And to Mogar for finally becoming the mouthpiece of RV.
  6. We're not so different, you and I. I used to be Dark Lord once.
  7. That's awesome. I never understood the appeal of a Marathon. The guy who did the original run to the city of Marathon dropped !@#$@#$ dead on the spot. AND YO DO THIS FOR FUN?
  8. This is a great post. Not RV's. but mine.
  9. Let's be honest, the mods of this game have hurt more than they have helped going way back to 2007. It's a major flaw in this game, and a major reason as to why are down to less then 7800 nations.
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