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  1. Damnit Walsh, old as hell and still know how to declare wars.
  2. Obligatory hail to dr4am, and therefore hail to GATO and IRON as well! Grats guys and gals
  3. Ehhhhhhhhhh. I was going to, but I see we're on the same page
  4. I keep logs of Caustic roughing me up in IRC whispers for when I have trouble... performing. 10/10 would fight NG again
  5. Lulu disappeared @Gingervites was supposed to bring him back from the dead
  6. how does said dragon feel about rum? if they are okay with rum, that's a certified pirate dragon to me.
  7. I have no idea what was going on in that music video. But welcome to the dance floor Kash ❤️
  8. Two Argent announcements in one day?! How relevant are you guys!?
  9. If Gingi supports it, I can get behind it! Grats Argent on the treaty
  10. Yarr! Seems there be some land lubbers testin' out their sea legs. They won't be gettin' our rum without cutlass and canon to dissuade tha' particular course. Hope yer horses can swim! Pirates of the Parrot Order hereby recognize a state of hostilities with Cowboys. Obligatory pirate joke: How do you tell the difference between a modern pirate and an old-fashioned pirate? PS. Any and all complaints regarding our potentially underwhelming counter can be directed towards Lowsten. They will be brought up at our bi-monthly grumble meeting. The only other item on the agenda is the eligibility of almond drink's inclusion as a milk product.
  11. Hey, we're sort of relevant! Thanks for the clarity Kash ❤️
  12. PPO joined the 21st century https://discord.gg/4CNVgne
  13. that eviljak guy is still around? christ. congrats on the merger guys
  14. Echoing this! Why are YOU still here, haven't you quit like 20 time by now?
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