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  1. Damnit Walsh, old as hell and still know how to declare wars.
  2. I will never forgive you Smurth. I will be dropping down to your NS range shortly.
  3. triggered. but thank you for the well wishes, and Merry Christmas/happy whatever to you too!
  4. no, what's on YOUR mind

  5. A bear market you say? I think perhaps you mean "bare market"? If CN was in a bear market, I want to know where to buy one. that's all I have to say to this. Ps. Stagnant. Apathy. Comradery/Camaraderie
  6. You've always been on my friends list, dork. lol

  7. Lanna... how come im not on your Friends List... we had an amazing shower together... i still have the scar from when the bathtub spout cut my back... and then you dont put me on your friends list?

  8. of course i do lanna, i always support single moms...

  9. Do you still support single moms?

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