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  1. Holy grave dig. Yeah, there’s a few of us still around.
  2. Holy crap, Hal came out of his retirement home for 5 minutes? Crazy! Have fun you pirates!
  3. That reason alone is good for at least three rounds of war.
  4. I’ve been waiting years to come to valves’ defense too!
  5. Sounds/looks pretty crazy to me. Have fun - I'll be chasing a 2 year old instead (no bricks for me, unless you count her diaper).
  6. Truer words have never been spoken.
  7. Gibs is a rogue with extra rogue sauce on top of a poppyseed bun.
  8. YEAH!!!! He's a pleb! He's also been known to leave the toilet bowl seat up.
  9. You keep saying civilized alliances like you're some sort of authority on who does and doesn't qualify as civilized. Can I see some ID?
  10. Someone, please think of the children! And Smurth, I'm coming for you!
  11. Nice to see you NATO folks up and destroying stuff.
  12. Congrats guys - nice blend of old and new in there. And congrats to Tsy on retiring and getting out!
  13. Well said across the board. I had a mid-1st round pick and missed out on Elliot. Such is life. Despite the 'committee' running back approach, I'm hoping for a mid-season add, or injury will improve my chances. Plus, one of my sleepers will hopefully hit! Year 2... here we go! Good luck to everyone!
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