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  1. well i mean LSF didn't give imperial decrees but they also were purposefully given short time frames for things by their enemies to take advantage of the fact that they didn't have a single strong leader who could just yes or no things the only people left who take ruling a nation seriously are the skype emperors who enjoy bureaucracy for its own sake in other words, they're boring as shit and unoriginal, and an empire is the "highest" form of government you can really have
  2. i mean really there's no need for me to say anything at all, but i'm entitled to make a post here and by doing so i can make your thread a bit longer, so here's a post ummm i mean honestly after they gave you shit for dueling me, the whole requiring newbies of over half a decade to do the academy, etc. i don't really see why you were even in polar in the first place other than just wanting to be gov somewhere that still has an active membership. you're a very high energy candidate, and i hope you appreciate that as much as i do, so a star that's running out of gas seems like a bad fit for you anyway. and that star is not polaris, either. so i guess i can give you a congratulations. oh. and if you plan on going out with a bang rather than just deleting, you should nuke me some on your way down, if you can trying not to turn this post into a rant about how much i hate the cn community. goodbye holton!
  3. tl;dr response - that's, just like, your opinion, man longer response - sure, treaties are based on relationships, but not all relationships require lots of maintenance and friendship and this and that. what's wrong with two alliances who don't really care to talk a whole lot recognizing that they have similar political goals and working toward them? what's wrong with an alliance signing a few treaties to deter would-be attackers without the need for actual retaliation? if you want to hang out with friends, do so, but being my friend doesn't mean i won't roll tanks across your borders the minute i need to. and that's the way it's gotta be.
  4. >OsRavan himself led the Network in each of these wars and always unfalteringly waved the banner of his bloodthirsty allies. alright but he just said he wasn't and you called him a liar while admitting he was right be careful not to become the target of your own ridicule
  5. it's another methrage/tywin thread? damn
  6. at least it's being run by someone who is ostensibly female and thus could be part of the target audience for the show
  7. unless you have a direct statement from TPF gov saying that that's what they're doing, you've got nothing substantial i doubt there will be many more years for them to war in anyway
  8. how about you ask that question when it gets to that point? people say a lot of things. i don't think there's anything to worry about.
  9. you have that much to say about yourself? who cares OP was pretty good happy birthday or whatever
  10. i don't have any personal relationship to speak of with TPF, but i do enjoy nordreich getting hit, ng suffering for having allied them, and people being mean to pacifica, so good thread and happy valentine's day to you too, tpf
  11. i couldn't hate these two alliances more if i tried my level of hatred is negative
  12. null vote nuke both nuke thread nuke OP
  13. one sin is not even enough for you people
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_O%27Shaughnessy
  15. pork's flag is way better than mine and i actually sorta had an affinity for it
  16. something something brown is the color of poop something haha
  17. i have never seen you post anything worth reading
  18. it's beautiful and i won't hear any other opinions about it
  19. Alliance of the Year: New Pacific Order Most Powerful Alliance Best Military: MI6 Best Rookie Alliance: The Bear Cavalry Most Powerful Bloc: Oculus Best Flag: The Bear Cavalry Most Active Alliance: MI6 Most Honorable Alliance: Siberian Tiger Alliance Best Diplomatic Team: Non Grata Best Economic System: New Polar Order Best Recruiting Staff: The Bear Cavalry Best Propagandist Scariest Alliance: DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE Best Alliance Growth Best War Flag: New Sith Order Best Forums Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2016: The Bear Cavalry Most Immoral Alliance Most Controversial Alliance: MI6 Player of the Year: Letum Most Powerful Player: CubaQuerida Best Alliance Leader: Shurukian Most Controversial Player: Chimaera Best Player Sig: Alfred von Tirpitz Best Player Avatar: Hereno Best Poster: Hereno Nicest Player: rabonnobar Funniest Player: Rebel Virginia Most Active Player: Mogar Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2016: Mogar Best New Addition to the Community Most Hated Poster: Tywin Best Declaration of War (Alliance Topic) Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen) Best Wall of Text Best OWF Topic Biggest Controversy: Removing the multi tech Funniest Event: Removing the multi tech Most Entertaining IRC Channel: #thebearcavalry Best Treaty Announcement Worst Diplomatic Move Best Player Quote Best IRC Log Largest E-Peen Best Villain: MI6 Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Doppelganger Best WaterCooler Thread Worst Alliance: Independent Republic of Orange Nations Worst Sphere: Doomsphere Worst Poster: Commander shepard Most Annoying Poster: o ya baby Biggest Mouth: reythegreat Biggest !@#$ Quietest Power Player Most Glorious Leader
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