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  1. The above message has been fact checked as true, any background material you may need of past transgressions, betrayal and plain asshattery feel free to PM me. I've got a 28 terabyte server! 3 just for CN alone 10 years of dirt, blackmail & extortion that served me well over the year's. I've been looking for the right person to pass this onto. Are you it ?
  2. CQ CQ This is W6-GIN checking in from our secure bunker Above ground radiation detection sensors read critical at unstable levels - BREAK Water Filtration Stable -- BREAK Solar System Stable -- BREAK UV Hydroponic Vegetation Stable __ BREAK Mesh Communication Network - 6 nodes down rerouting traffic to relay nodes -- BREAK Hidden Silo Doors Open Target Coordinates Entered -- BREAK Awaiting strike order via signet --- BREAK Freelancer out {OCC) Any day Lord &#$@ Breath is being pummeled is a good day Gasp Freelancer doesn't have a nation ban him ban him {/OCC)
  3. Simple .. new rule.., you'll like this. Before preaching to people about living life on this planet emotionally, don't let a drxed log file eat at you where you send a strongly worded pm of warning what would happen and cc 20 other people That should do it.
  4. I may be relieved of duty but I assure you an official airing out of dirty laundry won’t happen officially, are any of your government members a smoking pile of ash this morning? If not, I’d consider it a good day.
  5. Alonso, your one of the most low key players in the game, not to mention you guys have the muscle of Umbrella backing you in the event something went to hell and a hand-basket. Like I said earlier.
  6. There are exceptions, we both know that, it's a long hard road, but it's not like it can't be done.
  7. Are you guys doing coordinated attacks at update ?
  8. It wouldn't take much, Umbrella decided to pay us visit, we'd be hanging out with you soon enough, we find it more appealing to spend our money on election rigging, over throwing third world alliances and such George Soro's shouldn't be the only one having a good time.
  9. 60 million in 10 days, wasted from where I sit, Like Roal36 said TC's are one of the most important things in this game, I wouldn't have spent one dime till I had that in place. A 3BR TC, with 5 factories and banks could have easily escalated you to 4999 infa with your first wonder a being a Federal Aid Commission, then the MP, that said some people will argue what's better happiness or people when starting out, I like both, Stadiums, then clinics, rinse repeat, a little more infa, rinse repeat. There's a system to putting up a new nation to maximize every dollar, now when I said real alliance, I didn't mean major like Roal36 may have implied I meant one that knows what there hell there doing, and honestly theres some fine 10-15 man alliance out there that do, go have a chat with Walsh the Beloved.
  10. When you first came on the scene I wasn’t sure how to take you, I’ve done 2 donation deals with you, and like you I’m a man of business and my word, now I’m never going to tell anyone how to live their life on this planet, however there are consequences to one’s action in game and you’re learning that first hand right now. I’m going to give you some solid advice, you won’t take it but I’m going to give it to you anyway. 1 Scrap being an alliance leader for the moment, put this on hold for 90-120 days 2 Figure out what team color you want to be on and stay on it ! 3 Join an alliance, a real one, one that knows how to give you the proper guidance on nation building. It’s apparent you have no clue what you’re doing. The money you received from our deal was wasted, little fact, when KaitlinK returned to the planet she contacted me and we had her nuke capable in 42 days, was it because we threw so much money at her she could do that? No, it’s because she knows how to optimize every dollar to her advantage, she knows how to put up a nation, she had a good teacher. This is some good advice, take or leave it, choice is yours.
  11. This is actually explainable, you both were on line at the same time, your nuking he's rearming. A few years ago when I was a nuclear ankle biter, had a nation leader at SUN turtling, being the obsessive compulsive and wanting his land and tech, I checked his screen like once every 1/2 hour, one night I got lucky and while he's building I attacked, looted his national treasury not once but twice, defeats alerts you get it. After that it didn't take long for there MoD to declare me enemy of there state and he swore he'd sell all of his infa just to kill me ! I felt so special that he would take the time to write me personally
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