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  1. The above message has been fact checked as true, any background material you may need of past transgressions, betrayal and plain asshattery feel free to PM me. I've got a 28 terabyte server! 3 just for CN alone 10 years of dirt, blackmail & extortion that served me well over the year's. I've been looking for the right person to pass this onto. Are you it ?
  2. CQ CQ This is W6-GIN checking in from our secure bunker Above ground radiation detection sensors read critical at unstable levels - BREAK Water Filtration Stable -- BREAK Solar System Stable -- BREAK UV Hydroponic Vegetation Stable __ BREAK Mesh Communication Network - 6 nodes down rerouting traffic to relay nodes -- BREAK Hidden Silo Doors Open Target Coordinates Entered -- BREAK Awaiting strike order via signet --- BREAK Freelancer out {OCC) Any day Lord &#$@ Breath is being pummeled is a good day Gasp Freelancer doesn't have a nation
  3. Reasons to love the Donald Phenomenon:

    a. Giving the finger to the establishment

    b. Sharpton will LEAVE the USA. (after paying his taxes)

    c. Rosie is leaving, Daily News melting down

    d. Cher is leaving, and Miley Cyrus too !!

    e. Barry Diller is leaving

    f. Jon Stewart is leaving

    g. 25 percent of feds leaving ! great news

    h. Whoopie is leaving - more great news

    i. at least 200,000 more. NOT ENOUGH, but it's a start

    j. Bill Bryson too, cosmologist OK, but he ignores 100,000 gang bangers.

    k. The jerks who thought obama would be a good president.

    l. For pissing off the stuffed shirts at National Review

    m. Heads exploding at Alternet. Yay !

    n. Heads exploding at Salon, and DailyKos

    o. Heads exploding at ThinkProgress, and DemocraticUnderground

    p. Heads exploding at MotherJones, HuffingtonPOS

    q. Vicente Fox's head exploding

    r. Pollsters, pundits, prognosticators all proven WRONG, repeatedly !

    s. Payback for Pelosi pole vaulting "gotta pass it to find out what's in it"

    t. Payback for Zuckerberg and his phony 'conservative' website

    u. Payback for NYC allowing ILLEGALS to vote and teach.

    v. Payback for CA issuing drivers licenses to ILLEGALS

    w. Heads exploding at the Daily News

    x. Brian Lehrer's head exploding

    y. oh yes - millions of illegals leaving !

    z. Heads exploding at TRSCOOP ( they have a lot of nerve blocking me)

  4. Next stop.

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Embrace it you gender studies millennials, the shift is happening, it's time to grow up, leave moma's basement and get a job, and if your thinking about massive rioting and civil unrest, think again millions upon millions of armed to the hilt true patriots of this country have been waiting a long time to put a bullet in your ass and do something you're parents should have when you were a toddler and that's smack the living sh@t out of you.

    Time to wake up, the coffee's been brewing, now take a sip.

    1. Freelancer


      Perfect, take a lesson from Diamond & Silk.


  5. Trump has finally done it. He has broken Ted Cruz. First he broke Rick Perry, then Lindsey Graham, then Bobby Jindal, then Carly Fiorina, then Jeb Bush, then Marco Rubio. He got inside their heads and every one of them flamed out in an epic meltdown. And now, it's Ted Cruz's turn.

    Hillary Clinton doesn't stand a chance.


  6. hahaha, it's post's such as these that have kept me in this god forsaken hell pit this long. TY for the morning cackle RV
  7. There's always that wonderful option of growing a HUGE sack and attempt to disarm one of us, let me know how that pans out ;p
  8. 82 million views, need I say anymore. https://youtu.be/YersIyzsOpc Though my personal favorite https://youtu.be/kl1ujzRidmU
  9. hahah... We welcome it, do you have any clue how many tech and communication engineers reside under our roof ? 8, then throw in Xiao's BS meter that works overtime, the very thought of Ray's multi running around our house tickles us pink. Then the interrogation process to find out who they were really working for. The drama that comes from all this will be just awesome. I can't wait to read it all
  10. In CN years, I think I'm close to 102. You still behind the great firewall or are you stateside?
  11. I still laugh at the time Xiao expedited your app to keep you safe under the banner at USN and Gibson thought you were an alter ego of me cause I arranged a few quid in aid in Xiao's name. 4 pages of pure lol
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