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  1. Glad you're still around Mogar My life is a series of those.
  2. I have no idea where I should be politically but burn them to the ground PB, godspeed.
  3. The world needs bastards or we'll all go crazy from boredom.
  4. Or when Europa didn't call you guys in during NEW/DF and people got pissed. Find a better CB if you want a war, don't be lazy.
  5. I come back from inactivity to see IC in ODN gov. My heart is warmed.
  6. The pain of defeat is nothing next to the utter discomfort caused by a case of global war blueballs.
  7. Heh, this was a mistake. Just kidding, I honestly have no idea what the web looks like these days. Go get 'em, STA. Have fun.
  8. I might just have to do that. :) I promised Invicta I'd join them a long, long time ago if I ever left (whatever alliance I was in at the time). I didn't join them. It's finally time for me to pay off that debt. RIP me.
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