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  1. In the world of CN, it takes a lot to be crowned the biggest moron of the bunch. You've clearly done everything it takes to earn said crown and secure it from any possible contenders. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/navy-seal-copypasta Why can't you just masturbate like everybody else?
  2. You know what? You're right. The world has sucked, does suck, and will suck until it finally burns to nothing someday in the future. That means that no matter what you do, who you are, nothing will ever really matter. You could become the supreme leader of the entire planet and nuke the whole thing, and the universe wouldn't give a flying $%&@. So what do you do with that information? Realize that no matter what you do, you will never fix everything. Try to fix what you can. Be there for your friends and family when they need you, even if they don't reciprocate. Do what you
  3. Be careful with that, Tywin. You're both a nut and a fruit, so it might hurt you.
  4. Wait a disbanded alliance is losing members? Sign of things to change.
  5. You must have huge hands for crack to run through your fingers. Or the sands of time are huge granules. Crack isn't a powder.
  6. Potato, when did you first start trying to win my heart?
  7. It's funny because this blog entry backfired and made you look even worse than you already did.
  8. I have my moments. They're rare and usually happen at 4am, but what can ya do? I'm a comment hipster. I posted before it was cool.
  9. What are you trying to accomplish with this?
  10. I'm actually really glad Jerdge posted this blog. For the most part, the discussion/argument is pretty decent. I hope my post didn't come off as too dickish. I was running on three days-no sleep, so if it looks like I'm directly insulting somebody, I probably didn't mean to. Probably.
  11. One of the reasons I get along with so many former MK members is exactly the sense of humor the alliance has. It's the way I am IRL, it's the way I cope with things. Some people may take offense to an alliance making fun of/poking fun at radical elements of the religious or political world, in this case radical Islam and those who declare every adherent to Islam a terrorist. The simple fact is, some people are bound to be offended by it, others will ignore it or laugh along with us. Different opinions make the world go 'round. If we all based opinions off what the "norm" is, we'd have to ass
  12. What term would that violate, exactly?
  13. It's exactly to satirize stereotypes. The fact that some people are too dense to get the joke is funny in and of itself.
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